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  1. +Thanks for the excellent explanation about how the mandala, mirror image process works. This is the best tutorial I have found on the subject, so thank you for sharing.
  2. Thank you for sharing your Maya Gradients. I will be experimenting and playing with these for a while.
  3. Thank you for your brush packs..look forward to playing ith them.
  4. Thanks for the Fur and Hair brushes...looking forward to playing with these.
  5. Paolo, Thanks for sharing your pencil sets with us. In the United States its getting harder to find the actual carpenters pencils for actual sketchbooks so these will come in very handy and thanks again for your sharing.
  6. My Beta Affinity Designer shows it expired. Is there a way around this. I know it can't be forever, but I am enjoying learning the interface. I have Serif drawplus and page plus, which are both great products, but just trying to keep up with the latest and best. Could I just download another time or is this a one time use offer? I only use it for myself and not using for any commercial projects. I would expect to pay for any commercial uses. You have a really great talented team and thanks for the introduction of the beta version.
  7. A good rotation tool does make sense and can be an important tool. The tutorial I watched left out one more important point after the long procedure...don't forget to group the objects when you save or you will need to go through it all over again.
  8. I recently got serif DRAW X6 and it's rotation tool works well, much better than this procedure. If its rotation tool was in Affinity Draw it would make life in rotation much easier and understandable. Thanks.