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  1. Thanks for the info, references & quick replies.
  2. I was trying some experiments to use mirroring and to understand how it works. Later on trying to draw a vector mandala and found a few videos. The Affinity Designer workbook didn't have any references on either topic. Regarding Symbols, when trying to complete the opposite copied symbol, is there a way to delete the middle line dividing the two halves? Thank you for your references as they do help as I'm still learning computer graphics.
  3. Any discussions, tutorials or videos describing the mirror process with Affinity Designer?
  4. Robsch

    DAUB Comics Basic Set 2.0

    Thanks again for these pencils. Appreciate your sharing and your time. Blessed be.
  5. Robsch

    Going mad with Style(s)

    Thanks for sharing and your time . Well done.
  6. I have Affinity Designer on my old PC. I bought a different PC with windows 10. Do I have to re-buy Affinity Designer for the new PC or is there a way to transfer the license to the new PC? Thank yoiu,Bob S./.......robert [EDIT: e-mail removed]
  7. +Thanks for the excellent explanation about how the mandala, mirror image process works. This is the best tutorial I have found on the subject, so thank you for sharing.
  8. Robsch

    Affinity Designer Gradients Vol. 1

    Thank you for sharing your Maya Gradients. I will be experimenting and playing with these for a while.
  9. Robsch

    Texture Brush Packs [Hatching version 2]

    Thank you for your brush packs..look forward to playing ith them.
  10. Robsch

    Fur and hair brushes

    Thanks for the Fur and Hair brushes...looking forward to playing with these.
  11. Robsch

    DAUB Pencils

    Paolo, Thanks for sharing your pencil sets with us. In the United States its getting harder to find the actual carpenters pencils for actual sketchbooks so these will come in very handy and thanks again for your sharing.
  12. Robsch

    Rotation tool

    A good rotation tool does make sense and can be an important tool. The tutorial I watched left out one more important point after the long procedure...don't forget to group the objects when you save or you will need to go through it all over again.
  13. Robsch

    Rotation tool

    I recently got serif DRAW X6 and it's rotation tool works well, much better than this procedure. If its rotation tool was in Affinity Draw it would make life in rotation much easier and understandable. Thanks.

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