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  1. PedroOfOz

    Personal Bible Meditation (and some process notes)

    ... and become food for the jackals I'm not religious either. I am quite puzzled though why religion is so violent—in particular the three Abrahamic religions
  2. PedroOfOz

    getting my head around Affinity

    Interesting diverse body of work on Flicka Ian—have bookmarked it and will check in from time to time. ... Wasted effort on my part (laughter). Your Flicka images quite clearly reveal your working knowledge of gestalt, pareidolia and all those other ...
  3. PedroOfOz

    getting my head around Affinity

    All images should have a hero (ie key element). The hero is then supported by other visual elements and that collectively determines the makeup of a composition. The hero though doesn't have to be visual—you're a truckie with presumably many years experience so you'd have an emotional attachment to trucks. Certainly that's the impression I got from what you've written in your original post. So, if emotion is the hero then you have the key and with that you should be able to obtain the result you're after. When the hero has been established (realistically the reason for taking a photo in the first place) then the choice of lens, the shooting angle, height, direction, placement etc, the (type of) light, time of day and so on—that is, the composition—all fall into place
  4. PedroOfOz

    timber church window

    100% agree with firstdefence including the little green alien man... Nice image: keep going!
  5. PedroOfOz

    Black and White vector artwork from VietChigo

    I'm currently unable to view any of the .png images on this post with Chrome (my default), Opera and MS Edge. The .png's were viewable when I last visited. Is anyone else having having this issue?
  6. PedroOfOz

    After War Selfie: Photo Manipulation

    Then the title would have to change and the meaning into something else. What I'd like to see is the background colour desaturated further (rear buildings, sky and grass) and made more gritty. It would look more post war like then (or at least an illusion of). Nice concept!
  7. PedroOfOz

    Label beer - Gallas

    Love the dog illustration! Remarkably similar to me from time to time ... which reminds me I have a wedding to go to this weekend
  8. Very interesting and informative post! I'm quite a fan of street art/graffiti. Between 2010 (Oct) and 2013 (Dec) I visited this building a number of times to photograph the art—more accurately the adjoining building at the rear—under building car park walls, hallways, staircase etc. There's 12 of the images on my website—images 2 and 3 is the same back wall but shot two years apart. The 3rd to last and last images are works by Anthony Lister Unfortunately the last time I was there (Dec 2013) I was told the walls were to be painted over—the building owner apparently loved the art however the real estate agent was having issues obtaining tenants (commercial building) ... the art is longer there. I'm quite keen now to revisit what I shot—there's dozens more I can work up. The images on my web were edited when APh was probably just a rumour at Serif's staff local. This time around, as image editor, APh will be ideal
  9. PedroOfOz

    Women stripes - Don't leave me

    Just had a look at your work on Behance ... What can I say! Very clever ideas, well executed. You certainly know what you're doing and where you're going!
  10. PedroOfOz

    New Photography Work - Edited With Affinity Photo

    Love the gritty urban feel! In particular the dumpster/graffiti image—superb edgy balance of colour, contrast and form.
  11. PedroOfOz

    Some recent work

    Very clever! ...all of them—the second one though...
  12. PedroOfOz

    I'm not a professional, but I enjoy Affinity

    Nice work! Very clever & well thought out ideas.
  13. I'm puzzled! Back in the day we photogs considered DOF (or selective focus...whatever) as part of image previsualization. After all—no digital makeovers, no chimping and so on back then... If realistic effects are required why not go about it the way it should be done—in the camera!
  14. Quite simply—you can't! All you (we) can do is calibrate and keep our fingers crossed...