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  1. Until Serif releases their DAM—XnView MP is the best offer that reads both .afphoto and .afdesign for Windows and presumably Mac ... and of course as it's open source—no cost! Double click the thumbnail for the full screen (open in separate window). Ironically it currently doesn't read Gimp 2.10 files!
  2. It sure is! XnView MP reads both .afphoto and .afdesign. It can be configured so right clicking the image and/or thumbnail > Open with - the files can be opened in Designer and Photo. In XnView both apps (and others) can be listed via Tools > Open with > Configure programs. Not only, XnView can also read .svg files ... Adobe Bridge can't
  3. If I'm reading this correctly (?) an 8 up on a sheet indicates the cards will be printed on a domestic printer. Better quality, much cheaper and on the appropriate card weight would be to use Vistaprint—upload the singular design as a CMYK pdf and let Vista take care of the rest. I can't give you their link as they're global and my link is for Australia only so Google them... (They have a business card template you can download). Cheers
  4. PedroOfOz

    Photo Managment?

    You're not being argumentative, just unaware of the complete situation. Unfortunately their 3rd party contractors don't have access to a shared server. They (including myself) upload to Dropbox and that, as far as I'm aware, is the cloud
  5. PedroOfOz

    Nephews First Soccer Game

    The joy on your nephew's face in the last image ... Classic! The pitch looks like it could do with mowing. Keeping the grass long, is that on purpose for junior players in CA and/or LA?
  6. PedroOfOz

    logo-ish thoughts?

    ... and This is a good start for idea generation. Mind mapping and pin boarding will develop your ideas further (as well as sketching out ideas on paper). Here's what came up in a Google image search for tea party with mad hatter logo There should be something in there to inspire that'll expand your ideas to the next level. The table and chairs, to me, are symbolic for communication ... Google search along those lines for ideas as well. In all honesty the above images, used as a logo, just won't cut it. Good (and clever) logos are uncomplicated. They have to be as they're reproduced at different sizes, colour removed + inverted ... and so on. I'll be quite interested to see what you finally come up with.
  7. Also check out Bruce Williams DT videos. He's clear, straight to the point with zero fluffing. The tuts are for those who're newbies to the app. Recommended! This is a better link as it links to the playlist in order of creation. Bruce uploads a new tut each Monday afternoon.
  8. They're protected by law. Here's the best I can do I should say I'll still be using the Affinity suite on my laptop
  9. Thanks for the avatar complement. It's a Quokka found only on an island off the west coast of Australia (not far from Perth). Check this out
  10. I'm currently using Windows 10 on a laptop (ASUS Rog) however I'm looking at building a desktop system in the next couple of months just for photographic editing—actually my son will build it! it'll be 100% Linux—I've used Linux on and off since the early noughties (starting with Mandrake). The image apps I'll be using, and currently on my laptop, are Darktable, LightZone and Gimp ... all very capable pro level apps. Darktable by itself is an outstanding non destructive module based editor with (history retaining) sidecar files that are only 2KB in size. IMHO I really can't see the issue re the lack of capable image editors for Linux. Oh, to keep everything in perspective here's a pic of my main 'image app' back in the day when I was printing my own and other pro photog's images ... just saying that's all
  11. Hey, that looks better! Nice one. Interesting though, there doesn't seem be as much contrast now ... not as much punch. That should be easy to fix—darken the out of focus areas slightly. Anyway, it's your image. It's entirely up to you
  12. If you could obtain a believable, blended in green—out of focus of course so it matches its neighbouring background—then IMHO that'd work. For me that corner doesn't need anything as your 'hero' is the in focus area. When I cover the gray area with part of my hand my eye goes straight to the in focus areas ... but that's just my opinion As mentioned, nice work though—really nice work.
  13. I really like where you're going with your images (style)—everything I've seen so far. With this image, the bottom left gray colour (rock?) distracts my eye. The Inpainting brush could be your friend here
  14. PedroOfOz

    Photo Managment?

    Darktable These YouTube Tuts point to/answer much of what you require.