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  1. PedroOfOz

    Photo - Classical (macro)photo (2)

    'African Designs from Traditional Sources' - Geoffrey Williams
  2. PedroOfOz

    Photo - Classical (macro)photo (2)

    Intelligent and astute! Until now I've not been aware of this breed Nice pic!
  3. PedroOfOz

    251 Series

    Huawei 251 issue,
  4. Thanks! I have no idea (obviously) how code writing does its business. So, is there any reason why the Affinity devs' code can't call .exe instead of .8bf? Surely (?) that would sort out these current issues with Viveza (considering there's no issues with Gimp).
  5. ... and I'm on Windows 10 and using the Google NIK plugins. I've found the following: In order to keep coherent as much as possible I've experimented with two different size images (.jpeg) I upload to my website - 2500px (long side) and 3000px (long size) - both 8 bit, sRGB, 96ppi*. #1 - 2500px images. No colour issues whatsoever with the default magnification in Viveza (APh 1.8 beta). #2 - 3000px images. These images have to be zoomed to 33% to obtain accurate colour. Now here's where the fun starts ... If I upsize the 2500px images to 3000px there's still no colour issues (default magnification in Viviza) nor are there any issues if I convert to .tiff .psd etc or convert to Adobe RGB. However if I convert the 2500px images to 16 bit then I have to zoom to 100% in Viveza. I no longer have installed any Adobe product so I've been using Viveza in Gimp. There's no colour issues whatsoever at the default magnification - 16 bit, pixel size, file format, ICC etc. Here's the NIK python files from Gimp. They're open source (as spelt out in the files). Perhaps they may be helpful to the Affinity dev's? [* dpi/ppi not important as it's purely for print and/or screen output - 2500 / 96dpi = 26.04 inches and 2500 / 300dpi = 8.33 inches] NIK Plug-Ins - python.zip
  6. PedroOfOz

    Milan, Italy - Street Car

    @curtj Have you thought about taking this image to monochrome? I had a 5 minute play in NIK Analog Efex via APh ... yeah a bit moody however it may give you ideas (?) Garry's uploaded .png is low rez so I couldn't do much with this
  7. PedroOfOz

    Affinity Workbooks

    Just thinking Patrick ... Booktopia.com.au is a major online book seller in Australasia (Oz and NZ). Perhaps Serif could get in touch?
  8. PedroOfOz

    Affinity Workbooks

    Enough said! Thanks Edit: A smart cookie (living in the UK, US, ?) could have a little enterprising business on selling to us down here in the colonies and conquered territories
  9. PedroOfOz

    Affinity Workbooks

    Thanks for your quick reply Patrick. I'm aware the workbooks can't be shipped to certain countries however Australia isn't one of those countries so I'd have thought there wouldn't be an issue regarding the t-shirt. No worries. Are the t-shirts available for purchase? I don't have much use for a workbook (I prefer vid tuts) however I certainly would like to purchase a t-shirt
  10. PedroOfOz

    Affinity Workbooks

    I received an email (Sept 14th) offering the workbooks at a discount however there was no mention of a t-shirt. I'm puzzled! ... Was the t-shirt offer when the workbook(s) order was placed or was the t-shirt offer to selected countries only?
  11. I wondering just how competitive it is at present, in particular, for image editing apps? I've just received an email from my website host SmugMug offering me a free license for Luminar 3 (ie full not stripped down version). At a guess the soon to be released Luminar 4 will be at just the upgrade price for those that take up SmugMug's offer. Hmm ...
  12. We've all received an email (assumably) offering 30% off the workbooks ... My question is why? Out of the blue! Is Serif running out of cash flow? Will we get to v2.? Puzzled!
  13. PedroOfOz

    "Brakes" on shadows

    Freeware colour picker Just Color Picker # Both Windows and Mac # Non install .exe .dmg # Optional stay-on-top behaviour I've been using it for years. Oz software!
  14. Yes, is there? In Dave's tut here (just under 1 minute in) he makes a pixel selection made from layer luminance via Ctrl-Shift-Click on thumbnail. I've not selected layer luminance this way until viewing that tut so I assume that was the keyboard commands until v1.7 (?)
  15. That's interesting Walt. Searching 'luminosity mask' in Help this is what comes up. Presumably this is what Dave is referring to ...

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