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  1. PedroOfOz


    I really like this composite image! As per my sig I'm a real sucker for pareidolia (you can Google that!). The three flying birds—left, right and to a certain degree the one below the wire are, to me, like ballerinas in flight... The other two in flight are ... well, the male dancers in the ballet The three birds on the wire are beautifully positioned and active (the left counter balancing the other two) ... Stunning image however IMHO the background is too heavy ... yellowish/brown! If this was my image I'd be looking at changing that (luminance?)
  2. PedroOfOz


    @PAULRFONTENOT I meant no disrespect Paul. Increasingly our planet is becoming more polarised (and hostile)—the growth of nationalism as one example, the current political and religious hostility between India and Pakistan another example. I personally feel both politics and religion have no place in forums such as this ... because of polarising ideologies. Of course that's my view, the mods here decide on what is and what's not acceptable postings
  3. PedroOfOz


    My apology to @PAULRFONTENOT In this part of the world (Australia and New Zealand) it's the opposite ... the conservative right is blue hence why I thought the post was Trump supportive
  4. PedroOfOz


    Hmmm, Is this a political endorsement for Trump? If so I protest and hopefully the mods here will shut down any and all any political endorsements for 'any' politics. This forum is about the Affinity apps, not a message board for political leanings ... within the guise of "Look what I've done with the app'
  5. PedroOfOz

    Logo help

    Hello @Nic727 Is you website up and running? I really would like to see your work! When seen, will determine how to proceed with your signature/logo. @GarryP and others have good advice. Be aware, of course, watermarks are a curse, it won't stop the stealing of your images—We all can buy an image with watermark removed for about $2 (from someone in India and thereabouts!) ... if you upload images then accept you could be ripped off! We all run that risk ... this is the reality of our digital world. However of course—Go for it ... because we all have to get our work out regardless PS Forget about the script signature—no one gives a shit about your name, just the work ... believe me
  6. PedroOfOz

    Photo - Nature Design

    @Pattou Hello Patrick, If I'm seeing what you define as trolls then 8 in the first image and 19 in the second. I'm also seeing a large number of 'thumb' like pareidolia creatures in both images. Also, in the second image another 5 face type forms—open mouth, hands either side, crown on top
  7. PedroOfOz

    How is this photo?

    Hello @TomSmith I really like the mood and composition of your image however the eye usually, in the first instance, goes to the brightest part (highlights). In your image there's just nothing in the cloud highlights ... blank! zero! ... histogram right side clipped! Does your raw/original image have detail/density in this area? If so bring it in! ... and make it work
  8. PedroOfOz

    My Dog

    Beautiful image ... Kind of reminds me of my last (and now deceased) dog ... I miss him—Here in his prime!
  9. PedroOfOz

    General Photography - Edited on Photo

    Love your edgy urban feel ... Nice one!
  10. PedroOfOz

    Colorized photos

    Slightly off topic: Peter Jackson's new project will be using similar restoration techniques as They Shall Not Grow Old
  11. PedroOfOz

    Daily Design Exercises

    The idea of hiding the W's in the forest comes from Where's Wally? To spice the narative up, so to speak, I flipped the W's 180 degrees so they became M's. That idea, and therefore the title, was influenced by the bizarre humour of Gary Larson
  12. PedroOfOz

    Daily Design Exercises

    A couple of years back I took on the daily design challenge ... a quick idea executed in an hour or less! I lasted, aaahh, about a month Here's nine of them for your amusement. (Mainly) all done in APh and ADesign. A Collection Of W's Hiding In The Forest Pretending To Be M's ... Yes! they are there City & Rural Typography Ménage à Trois_1st Meeting Shape Play 1 The Morning After The Night Before Typography Play 1 Was It You (!) What's Up? You're Different!_We Don't Like You
  13. PedroOfOz


  14. PedroOfOz

    Fuji .RAF RAW image sliver issue

    Ok, in Windows 10 DSCF1111.RAF craps out in APh as the OP says. The other file is ok. Both files open as expected in both Fuji Raw File Converter Ex. 30 and darktable (current version 2.6.0) ... (one of my cameras is X-Pro2). Houston ... we have a problem! Maybe ... ? I've not had any issues so far with X-trans files so ... ? Edit: Here's how the file looks in XnViewMP. Quite puzzling! Clicking on the thumb reveals the whole image (!)