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  1. curtj

    Ctrl+Shift+Clicking Thumbnail?

    Many thanks to both Gnobelix and Cecil for you solid instrutions! I wasn't thinking about the Mac and Windows differences.
  2. curtj

    Ctrl+Shift+Clicking Thumbnail?

    I’m using a MacBook Pro, I noticed you said CTRL + J to make a duplicate layer (Windows), is there a different key or keys sequence for luminosity selections on a Mac? To make a duplicate layer on a Mac I use Command + J. Thanks
  3. curtj

    Ctrl+Shift+Clicking Thumbnail?

    I found no combination for making luminosity selections.
  4. The solution is to first open the jpeg in Lightroom first and make the lens correction there. I'm moving away from my Adobe software and prefer to make the move completely, I did install the LensFun profiles for my digital camera in Affinity Photo though. It was fast, easy, and works perfectly. I use my iPhone 7+ frequently and as of now I use Lightroom to correct the lens distortion. It's totally up to Serif to add mobile devices to the lens correction list. I'm committed to Affinity Photo, Design, and Publisher.
  5. Thank you Lee, I started making and saving my first few after I learned how. So far I'm saving in .cube. I'll learn what .look will require. If it's what it inplies it will be very valuable too.
  6. curtj

    LUT not working

    Well that explains my post regarding 3D LUTs not appearing in Affinity. This is information at the center of LUT creation. A video less than a minute could cover this and th previous comment.
  7. In Affinity under Layer / New Adjustment Layer I don't have 3D LUT as an option only LUT. How can I add the 3D LUT? See: LUT not working post
  8. I see, it's a global Apple setting and not an in Applicaton setting. That's kind of a shame, I'd like to have the Suite of Photo, Designer, and Publisher with the same colors I choose. I just checked Finder and it's gray, or grey, depending on your area of the world. No wonder that's hard to see clearly; light gray background behind the thumbnails, dark gray on the sidecar backgound, and medium gray for the selection bar, and a not so white white. I'll experiment with in setting, and thank you!
  9. I made an image to explain that I am saying the tool bar itself and not how to change document colors. There isn't a way to do this in Preferences. I'm sick of the blue color, it's a matter of taste.
  10. curtj

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    I downloaded and installed the new release version and it is perfect! I will uninstall the beta version now. Thanks for the help all! I love Photo, and I haven't opened PS since I started using Photo. I have Designer too and it's a pleasure to use.
  11. curtj

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Thank you, I downloaded and installed the program just now but Publisher still says Beta when I start it. Did I miss a step somewhere, like uninstalling the Beta version?
  12. curtj

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    I purchased Publisher and install the Beta version ahead of the final program, I see that it has been launched but I do not see a download or update for it. Can you direct me to the update / download page? I wasn't asked to put my email address and key in. I have the key from the my account.
  13. Inserting a page without a page number. I want to insert a blank page at the beginning with only a logo on it and no number. Thanks
  14. Thank you, I can stop wondering if I missed a setup or configuration.
  15. Affintiy Photo - Open file - The file folder page selected has 9 small file pictures or icons showing. It's hard to see what the files are. If there is a way to enlarge them, as is possible in Finder with MacOs, I would like to know. The 9 across is only in Affinity and no other program. 5 across would make it possible to see what the images actually are. A full page of dozens of files is impossible to find particular ones to open. They are also small, 9 across in Add To in stacking etc..