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  1. Ooops - this works!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much - I use these masks all the time. It is insanely helpful!
  2. Hi Everyone it seems that Ctrl+Shift+Clicking the rasterized layer's thumbnail does not select all pixels with luminosity above 50% which is a very common practice to create a luminosity mask. The same combination is working in AP 1.6.5 - so please fix!!
  3. For me this kind a bug is a no-go. I can live without plugins, but I won't use AP if built in tools fail. Either Serif fixes this, or I am switching to Photoshop.
  4. Thanks for your response: I attached a cropped slice of the image in .afphoto format to the original message at the top - I can still see the issue when I load this file.
  5. Hi, I was adding a little Orton effect in Beta So I added a Gaussian Blur layer. It introduced ugly looking tiles. I switched Gaussian Blur layer's blend mode to Normal on the screen-shot below in order to amplify tiles, but the same artifacts can be seen with Screen mode as well, it is just a tad less pronounced: At this point, I am getting a bit tired of seeing bugs and thinking of switching back to Adobe. Please help. EDIT: I attached a cropped slice of the image in .afphoto format - I can still see the issue when I load this file. UPDATE: I edited the image in AP 1.6.5 using the same steps - the good news is that this bug is only reproducible in the recent AP Beta. Switching back to 1.6.5 for now. Affinity Photo Project file: Tiles.afphoto
  6. I have a conspiracy theory: Adobe got a patent for plugins that work, preserve the colors and could store their state in smart object layers that may be retouched multiple times. Serif worked around the patent: they also allow plugins, but those plugins don't actually work - the whole thing is just messed up. Problem solved!
  7. The only "solution" I see is to refrain from using plugins and do everything using native Affinity Photo tools. Even if Serif would fix color issues, plugins would still remain pretty much unusable without storing plugin data in Photoshop - like smart object layers. It certainly sucks, but it is not the end of the world. - Most of the time the same edits can be achieved with AP-native tools, it just takes more time.
  8. I hope that Serif will fix integration with plugins and I hope that they will implement Live plugin filters. I can't see myself having to restart adjustments in a plugin every time from scratch. Photoshop does it really well with smart objects. On a aside note I want to say that I am very impressed with Affinity Photo and I completely get how much work it takes. I believe in AP and I want someone to bring healthy competition to the imaging, therefore I canceled my Adobe CC subscription and went with AP license.
  9. I am writing this post just to let AP dev team see how important this bug is, at least for me... I am currently evaluating AP - deciding whether I can end my CC subscription and bind myself with Serif. This bug is going to make me stay with Adobe, since I planned to complement AP with plugins in case if I run into any missing / lesser implemented functionality for the time being, until AP matures. More robust plugin integration would certainly make me buy AP license and stay loyal for many years while AP would be ramping up their system
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