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  1. Thank you for this!! Look forward to using it. Is the help ebook on the Forum of use with the windows version please? Is there a list of compatible plugins somewhere? Thanks again. John
  2. Mark, yes it does look like that. Playing around I added a box to the asset box which shows up so I must of created the other without realising. ( a senior moment perhaps) Thanks for the speedy response. John
  3. Good morning. I have been using te beta version for quite some time and love the program. However I have a question about the assets, when I click on view/studio and select assets it shows on the left hand side, there is a drop down box that states iOs 10 and assets, there are thumbnails in iOS10 but nothing in the assets. Is this as should be? Thank you John
  4. Hi thanks for the quick reply. Yes I did switch to Pixel Persona. I downloaded the *.zip file and when I look in my file manager (file explorer on win10) I cannot see a file .afbrushes. All I can see if another directory MACOSX with nothing visible in that either. FYI I download your pencils' files and they unzip ok to show .afbrushes files Ok.
  5. Hi I tried to install these brushes into the windows beta version and after downloading the file I cold not see a .afbrushes file to install. Please advise John
  6. A further question on Palettes whereabouts are they stored. If I create one it will be lost when I update the beta version. John
  7. Is there a way I can import a palette from DrawPlusX8 or PagePlusX9 into AD that I have created please? Cheers John
  8. Good morning, have several artboards that I have renamed in the layers tab, however when trying to print one of these the print dialogue still shows them as artboard1,2 etc. Is this how the program is designed to work or an oversight? John
  9. Sorry have I posted his in the wrong forum? If so with apologies John
  10. Good morning. Will the print dialogue in future be able as in DrawPlus to be able to print N-up. I use this feature quite a lot in DrawPlus to printout various creations such as business cards, calling cards and Christmas cards. Thank you. John
  11. My wife and I both use this tablet and are pleased with it. Work ok with AD beta for windows. Don't install the driver from the disc go to the Huion site and download the latest version. John
  12. Thanks Ken, good to see your "brain and expertise" on here :) . A further elaboration if I may, should I select the selection with or without background?
  13. Good afternoon a couple of questions about the programs future. 1 I notice that I can only export a selection in png-24. Will in future will the program be able to support export png-32? 2 Will there be a print feature similar to Drawplus where you will be able to print N-up. I use the feature quite a lot for designing and printing Christmas cards etc. best regards John
  14. Good afternoon. trying to follow the In-house Affinity Designer Video Tutorials.....For beginners'When I get to following the switch from draw persona to pixel persona, and trying to select a textured brush this option is not available. Is this my installation or is it a missing feature from the beta version Update... Has now appeared after closing program and restarting. Weird? Thanks John
  15. A couple of questions. 1 Am I able to drag the rulers onto the page? 2 Am I able to change the colour of the guide lines I drag onto the page from blue to red? thanks John
  16. In one of the tutorials the font Trattatello is used. Is this one supplied with the program please. So far extremly pleased with the program and its capabilities. John
  17. Good afternoon. Does the program automatically generate and send an error report or does one have to submit it here?
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