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  1. Johna888

    Need to download a copy of Affinity Designer

    Walt, it was the link that did it, thank you sir. Once again many thanks to everyone who contributed, great knowledge John
  2. Johna888

    Need to download a copy of Affinity Designer

    Thanks to Walt and everyone for their suggestions. I now have Affinity on my Desktop ready to install but it's asking for a product key. Having gone into my Affinity account, the only information I can see is my original order as shown below but can't see a product key link unless the order number doubles as the product key?? I also checked on my Serif account which lists keys for everything I have ever bought except the Affinity key. Any suggestions for locating the key appreciated. Your order history View all your Affinity purchases. Purchase date November 19, 2016 Order number APCDMXPTV7 Product Quantity Affinity Designer (Windows) 1 Order total £29.99 Order status Completed VIEW ORDER VIEW VAT RECEIPT
  3. Johna888

    Need to download a copy of Affinity Designer

    Thanks for the advice guys, really appreciated. I don't really want to buy another copy, although I quite like Affinity Designer, I Have other programmes available so will use them instead. Bring back installation discs please Serif, at least you have a means of re-installing when things happen,and sadly things do happen. Thanks again for the incredibly prompt advice. John
  4. Can anyone offer some advice/help on where I go to download a fresh copy of Affinity Designer please. Put the original onto a now corrupt Win.10 laptop and want to install a replacement onto a Win.7 desktop? Many thanks Johna888
  5. Thank you for the incredibly fast help, really appreciated. Seems to have installed successfully. John
  6. Some weeks ago I posted that I was having issues opening Affinity designer (windows). Turned out my desktop had an old chipset so couldn't work with the programme. Just bought a new laptop upgraded to win. 10. Do I need a new link or can I copy the earlier one which is still on my Win. 7 Desktop? Any help appreciated. Many thanks in advance.. John