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  1. @g.deleo Welcome to the Affinity forums. The procedure to transfer your app and licence to your new computer depends upon where you originally purchased the app from, the Microsoft Store or direct from Serif. If you purchased via the M$ Store, simply log into it on your new computer, making sure you use the same log-in details as you used when originally purchasing the app. You should see it listed as available to download. If you purchased from the Serif store, simply log into your account, go to Downloads & Product Keys, download the installer and use your listed product key to complete the installation. HTH Jeff
  2. @Shrodinger Welcome to the Affinity forums. If I have understood your post correctly, you have purchased Affinity Designer and Photo for your iPad and now want to also install them on your PC, running Windows presumably. Is that correct? if so, you need to be aware that each Affinity app needs to be separately purchased and licensed for each Operating System. So, if you want the Windows (or the MAC, OSX) version in addition to your iPad version, you need to buy it/them. Similarly, registering for the forums is totally independent of your purchase of the Serif software. If you decide to purchase either a MAC or a Windows version direct from Serif, that will give you a Serif Store account but again, that is completely separate from your forum log in. HTH Jeff
  3. Happy Christmas to all Serif staff! 🥳 You all deserve a really great break for relaxation! Jeff
  4. @ed-e Welcome to the Affinity forums. What email address are you sending to? I believe the correct and appropriate one for your situation is affinityreturns@serif.com. Jeff
  5. @DebbieDance Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums, so not really the place to post about one of the Serif Legacy products. These latter have a dedicated forum here. However, as you say, MoviePlus is now discontinued and Serif has not replaced it with another movie editing app, so you are going to have to "bite the bullet" and move to a different manufacturer's software. Inevitably, there will be differences between MVP and whatever you choose to replace it though the "core concepts" are pretty similar. I moved, several years ago, from MVP to a different video editing app and have no regrets at doing so. I'm not going to name the manufacturer or the software I now use but, if you go to those Legacy Product forums you will find a number of different manufacturers at least mentioned. Also, there are still a considerable number of users of MVP who post there; if you have encountered specific problems with using it they may well be able to advise on methods to potentially work around those problems. HTH Jeff
  6. @alex-w You sent your first email about 4 hours ago. Serif are a UK company so that would mean it was sent about 15:45, UK time. To post here 1 hour later, i.e. about 16:45 UK time, commenting you have not received any response is perhaps a little unreasonable, especially since all Serif staff are still working from home, I believe, and your latest post to the forums would have been sent about the time many of those staff are likely to be finishing their working day and may simply not have had time to check for a solution to your problem. It may be that you will not receive any reply for up to another 12 hours or so, i.e. about 08:00 to 09:00 UK time. Jeff
  7. @Krajlander Welcome to the Affinity forums. Please read the post from @SFurniss directly above yours and follow the advice given. Jeff
  8. @radar20 Welcome to the Affinity forums. It has been previously pointed out by Serif staff, in a number of similar threads, that the problem is almost certainly caused by the 3d Verification system now mandatory in all European Union countries (of which the UK, which is where Serif are based, is currently still a member). As a result of this there is nothing for Serif to fix. Indeed, it is entirely out of their hands. You need to ask your bank for help or, as also posted by Serif staff in a number of threads, email affitnity@serif.com and ask for their direct help in placing your order and receiving your software. Jeff
  9. @Renée17 Welcome to the Affinity forums. I am not a user of these presets but, looking at their website I note they are designed for use in Adobe Lightroom, where they are described as "One click automated Lightroom Filter". As such I doubt very much whether they could even be used in Affinity Photo, which can use some plugins and filters, and Affinity Publisher which cannot, I think. Jeff
  10. @SoeshieMedia Welcome to the Affinity forums. Although I am running the purchased versions of all the Affinity apps and not the Trial versions, all are successfully installed on my D:\ drive so there is no absolute requirement in them to always use C:\. So, perhaps there is some limitation deliberately built into the trial versions to force the install to C:\? However, I would be very surprised if that were the case. Jeff
  11. @Roney Cherukara Welcome to the Affinity forums. Serif/Affinity products are licensed separately for each operating system, Windows, MAC or iPad (iOS). Once the OS-appropriate license has been purchased the user can install the software on as many computers running that OS as he owns and controls, although only the original purchaser is allowed to use the apps for commercial purposes. It is not possible to transfer any licence between operating systems, e.g. if you already have a Windows licence and wish to also use any of the apps on an iPad or MAC, you need to buy a separate licence for the iPad or MAC. Serial keys are used and needed only if you buy the apps direct from Serif, where they can then be found listed in your Affinity Account. Purchases from any of the App Stores do not have a serial key because the app is permanently tied to your store account and account ID. To redownload the software to your original computer or to be able to install it on a new computer, simply log into wherever you purchased it, using your original purchase email or Store ID, and download it. HTH Jeff
  12. @locomoco Welcome to the Affinity forums. Since your question refers to the iPad version of Designer, and this is the forum area for Feedback on the Desktop version I think you should post to the forum for Affinity iPad questions. Jeff
  13. @scottbayes@comcast.net Welcome to the Affinity forums. As a first step you really ought to change your display name to something other than your email address! These are public forums and spambots would be delighted to harvest your address! To be able to successfully update you need to definitely establish exactly where you originally purchased the app (which one by the way?), the MAS or direct from Serif. Once that is sorted, you would need to go to that source and then you can download the latest version. HTH
  14. I'm running the 20.11.2 driver without any problems, on a Radeon R7 360. Might be worth updating?
  15. @Vasto7 In addition to what @Chris B has written, I think your GPU driver is out of date. The latest is 20.11.2
  16. @FrankT you need to update to the latest beta,, which is what @MEB was referring to. Jeff
  17. Your post was closed because it is a duplicate of an earlier post you made. @Gabe simply, and entirely reasonably, asked that if you wished to raise the issue again you make a further post to your original thread. In that way, ALL discussion of the specific problem is kept "in one place". In my opinion, that is in no way "patronising". Jeff
  18. @Richsul@earthlink.nwr You can do this by clicking on your user name at the top right of this web page and then select "Account Settings". Email addresses can then be edited. However, the advice offered repeatedly here is to NOT use one's personal email address as the displayed user name. Spambots can harvest it and one's Inbox can then potentially become deluged with unwanted mail. Jeff
  19. Perhaps even worse news!! Because you purchased from the App Store, you don't have a "licence number". The app is, in effect, "licensed" by the store because its purchase is tied to your store account. Perhaps you need to contact support for the store and ask them why you are experiencing the download error? HTH Jeff
  20. @Woodkopf @Chris B Coming rather late to this thread, but I downloaded the zipped folder of the four images, used them to create a Panorama in beta No problems encountered. My computer spec is below - I am using an AMD Radeon R7 360 GPU, with latest AMD drivers installed (just checked, Radeon Software v 20.10.1) along with Intel HD530 on my CPU. HTH Jeff
  21. @InfaRed To expect potential users to read between the lines is surely tantamount to potentially suggesting there is false advertising being used. If the advertising says it is a "Photoshop replacement" then yes, it should and must be exactly that, or false representation is being made. But it doesn't say that, anywhere, including in the section of the publicity you quote. Unfortunately, perhaps, you have read between the lines and assumed something which has never been claimed or stated. Jeff
  22. @Mick Govan Welcome to the Affinity forums! I've just tested this process in beta (Canon CR2 opened in Develop Persona, deliberately increased "Exposure" slider, pressed Develop) and the image opened in Photo Persona with the desired increased Exposure showing. However, I did see something rather "strange" when increasing the exposure in Develop; initially, and for a few seconds after, only the extreme right side of the image showed the effects of the increase. This did eventually "correct" itself and the whole image showed the increase. I wonder whether this "slight anomaly" is being caused by the introduction of the OpenCL feature for the Windows version? Clearly, I'm assuming you are on Windows! If you are a MAC user, I really have no idea about what could be causing this for you. HTH Jeff
  23. @Bruno S My personal choice for a program that very effectively removes all traces of an installed program, including ones which fail to uninstall using the default uninstaller, is Revo Uninstaller. The free version should be perfectly adequate to do this job for you; I actually have the paid-for Pro version, principally because it enables me to actively monitor all installations as they happen. Another method of removing programs that do not uninstall properly is to use this Microsoft utility. HTH Jeff
  24. @Ceresede Welcome to the Affinity forums. Since your comment refers to the interface on iPad I think you should really post to the dedicated iPad suggestions forum here. Jeff
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