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  1. Hi everyone! First of all, excuse me for such provocative tittle, i'll try to explain what i mean. I purchased Affinity products a while ago and i'm still very happy with what you produce. As a person who actively uses Photoshop i still think that Affinity is much more pleasing to the eye. I really like the community and the way you approach some of the things. And, let's address elephant in the room - the fact that you provide programs for lifetime - that's amazing! I wish you all the good things! Now, with the "obligatory" part addressed, i'm really concerned that some of the things Serif promised to have (AD's warp tools, Vectorizer for example - key features without which it's nearly impossible to create something even semi professional) are still not in latest update. And as far as i got it, the next major update will require additional payment?
  2. I want to make this two objects into one by filling the hole separating them. Can you please help me? Thanks
  3. My friend got it for his money and shared it with me. I admit that i did wrong, especcialy considering Photo had a free 10 day version. So, i uninstalled it waiting for a chance to buy
  4. In the past i used the code for full Photo my friend provided me. I enjoyed software so much that i decided to use it legit way and uninstalled it until i would be able to buy it myself. I decided to do it now, but when i laucnehd trial Photo executable, i realised that my friend's licence is still activated. How do i delete license?
  5. Okay, some gray area question, but i immediately undid everything that could lead me to pirating software. I'm using my Designer (a paid one) and also i recently tried demo of Photo. I accidentaly foung one guy sharing his account and wondered whether it would work. It did. But i immediately deleted my software because i was afraid that that guy would have access to my computer data because i used his login and activation key. Is it possible? Thanks for anwer. Sorry for my grammar
  6. I think i understood how it works. I need to create symbol from first letter, than duplicate it and replace the second letter with symbol. It there a way of alligning one shape to other? Thanks
  7. Thanks for help! By change i mean not the simple text adjustments like color or font size but rather the curvature of the letter. For example, i type COFFEE => convert text to curves=> try to change my F to a slightly different shape (making it taller, curvier etc...). Can i make the second F automatically look like my new F? BTW, sorry for my grammar, i'm not a native speaker 😃
  8. Hi! Is there a way to edit one letter in a text so it would change every time i use this letter again? For example, i have a word "Coffee". Can i adjust paths of fitst F and A so that the second ones would preserve the changes? ___ Is it okay to ask this things once in a while? I'm afraid that i post a lot
  9. Hi everyone! I finally got myself Designer for my Birthday. I really enjoy the interface but some things feel lacking I really struggle with masking. I'm making a logo and i need to have a line in the middle of text that surrounds letters. How can i do it? Also, can i allign objects to selected area? _ it okay to ask questions here
  10. I want to fit my shape inside the gray area. How can i adjust width of up and down parts individually? In 3d software i can select every edge and scale it so the shape would keep it's simmetry - i cant find similar thing in vector.
  11. I started using AD this week and i am very happy with using the software. The only thing that really bothers me is inability to warp text like i did in Adobe products. Is this feature in a roadmap for the future?
  12. I started using AD this week and i am very happy with using the software. The only thing that really bothers me is inability to warp text like i did in Adobe products. Is this feature in a roadmap for the future?
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