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  1. Thanks for the input... I forgot to check Microsoft updates and there it was... thanks again!
  2. I received auto updates for my Publisher and Designer, but never received an update for my Photo software. How would I get to the update?
  3. I see that I received the 1.9 update for Designer and Publisher but no Photo update? Wondering If we need to purchase it again to get 50% off Photo update?
  4. I have the latest version of Affinity Designer 1.7 and I was watching a class on line and that person had another drop down tool with the node tool used for moving center of rotations and my version has no other drop down tool for that - only way to activate it is use the f key when in the node tool. Wondering how to get that drop down in node tool to show?
  5. Where do I find the photos/resources associated with the Affinity Photos Workbook?
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