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  1. I didnt have any fills but it looks like the same problem I will have to reload 133 to check it out but I was virtually locked out with it and that's why I restarted with the earlier version.
  2. About BETA VERSION 133 I seem to be having a problem with the KEYBOARD and its interaction with the text output. Also the delete back key moves the text forward and the CAPS LOCK seem to be fixed when I tried to type the word Chapter. it is fixed in Capitals. I am going back to 128 for now as it is restricting me from testing further.
  3. Hi Zac If you check the tutorials you are told by the presenter that the Designer and Photo buttons at the top left are not active and won't be for some time. The package is BETA and it is in the its early stages of development. Hope this answers your frustration of not being able to link.