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  1. This changes nothing for me. I still get a black background on export with everything set to transparent during png export. This software is cheap, but it acts like it sometimes.
  2. v_kyr what dedicated RAW processor would you use that's more flexible than PS? I do time-lapses with 500 plus RAW images through Adobe RAW, and it's neither inflexible or slow. I'll spend hours doing colour corrections and enhancements, and then it just smokes through it. I wish I could wash my hands of Adobe, but I'm still toting files to work (where they have a subscription) to do my heavy lifting.
  3. As usual, I appreciate the speed at which I receive a response from over there! It sounds good. I'm excited to break my Adobe bonds here lol.
  4. Thanks. Yes, I'm looking forward to it. Any idea when 1.7 will be out, and if that means an upgrade fee from the Affinity Photo I haven't even been able to use yet?
  5. You're not doing anything wrong. The "options" in the crop area are completely useless to someone in a production environment. This is my biggest beef with Affinity Photo, and the only reason I do not recommend it to other professionals. I've requested this be addressed, and I received a reply that it would be. All we want is a way to type in dimensions and a resolution desired, and to have Affinity constrain proportionally, and interpolate intelligently when we drag the handles of the crop tool and hit enter. "Just like Photoshop" is probably the bane of their developers existence lol. I crop loads of images every day with an old version of Photoshop, and my shiny new Affinity Photo gets almost zero usebecause of this simple oversight. Actually the only reason I've launched the app since I discovered the crop deficiency (the second time I ever launched it) was by accident.
  6. Chosen Idea

    Crop tool needs a rewrite.

    Hello!, First off, I've never heard from anyone at Adobe regarding my feature requests (I've been using it since version 2.0). Needless to say I'm very impressed by this forum!!! I almost feel bad about how harsh I was (I'm accustomed to nobody listening, so perhaps I'd better go back to communicating like a proper human being). Thank you very much for this reply, and it's erased any doubt I have regarding my purchase of Affinity, and it's future! Keep it up!
  7. I'm a bit shocked that there aren't more people who'd like the (non) cropping tool in Affinity Photo rewritten, or perhaps it's still early days for pros to migrate to Affinity. I can't imagine a professional photo editor that doesn't require control over resolution (with built into the crop tool with a choice of interpolation type) and dimensions (constrained when they are typed in... why would you type them in if you wanted your handles to go wherever they want lol?). I don't know why I have to request such an obvious feature. Yes, I know how it's currently done in Affinity Photo, and I'm telling you that you might want to spend more time in Photoshop!