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  1. For those that are just doing this for one or two images, I just do it in two steps for my print work. I change the dpi with resample first (leaving the dimensions alone), then I resample again using the same dpi with the dimensions I want in inches. Hopefully it won't take as long to fix as the "resample" itself took to implement.
  2. I've been pretty happy with it for some of my macro work, although I haven't done any focus stacking yet (looking forward to it). Be warned Affinity Photo is not the tool for batch processing RAW files. I'm doing that in Capture One. I used the unsharp mask tool, and a curves adjustment on this fruit fly.
  3. I understand that going from Photoshop to Affinity would be a problem with all the layer types Affinity Photo doesn't have. I can't seem to reproduce the issue for Gabe, so maybe it went away by way of magic.
  4. I'm hoping I'm not repeating anything here that has been covered. I've run into another embarrassing issue trying to use Affinity Photo for my client work. On recent project I had to send my client a .PSD of a pretty complicated composite with lots of layers containing masks, and adjustment layers containing masks. Not expecting any issues I sent him the .psd export and got back an email with him freaking out that there are a bunch of blank pixel layers and no masks associated with my layers. I can't provide a file (NDA). The job had to be completed by the client's Photoshop person, so that leaves me with lots of time to figure out how not to lose more money. I'm running, and I've tried exports using both "preserve editability" and "preserve accuracy". Any ideas?
  5. It has been a problem on some Macs as well, but thankfully it has been fixed since 1.9.1. No not that unique.
  6. I've been reporting it on every new release for years in Windows. Resetting whatever you want won't work. There are recents from the first time I opened Photo, and Designer (clearing recents does not work). Not sure why recent can work with any other application than one developed by Serif. The pop-up window with the ads is also completely unaffected by unchecking in as well, another five year old issue.
  7. Really? Why are only Serif applications affected? No permissions issues or cleanup applications here. Someone get on this, it's been five years of new versions (and even system reinstalls for general maintenance on my end).
  8. Thanks PaoloT. I've switched back to paying for Photoshop in Sept 2020 for the third time since owning Affinity Photo (2018), I'll have to think about what to do. There are actual bugs I've reported for three years that are still in both Mac and Windows versions across all their software, and they drive me nuts.
  9. I'm not sure why I keep mentioning this bug in all your software (it's been there since 2018). "Open Recent" still doesn't work, and after clearing it the same recents have been coming up since the first time I launched the software three years ago. This is Mac and Windows. Why am I still marked as a newbie here if I've been posting for three years?
  10. I'm not sure why I keep mentioning this bug in all your software (it's been there since 2018). This is in both Mac and Windows versions of the software. That annoying window pops up every time you launch one of your products regardless of whether you disable it or not. Every time an update is released I for some reason expect this to be fixed.
  11. You could be creating a tile floor in Affinity Photo from tiles cut and scaled from the same image into a new document, and you'll get a whole hodgepodge of sharp and blurry tiles. You'll never know what you get. It's just not a very good tool for precise work. I have to do a lot of this sort of thing, and it's just infuriating to use a tool that doesn't work at the standard I do. I'll overlook some of the minor bugs that still exist from three years ago (that I repeatedly report), but I've had to redo way too much stuff in Photoshop.
  12. "Open Recent" still not fixed after all these years. I mention this bug every time we get new updates. Fix old bugs first, then add your new features (and bugs). This is a problem in every version of Affinity software for Windows and every version of Windows.
  13. The "Show this panel on startup" check box does not prevent the panel from coming up every time Affinity Photo (or Designer) is launched. I've reported this before, but thought why not waste my time again? It's been a bug since the first version of the apps and every version of Windows. Suggestion: Fix bugs before adding new features and new bugs. I'm currently running 1.8.4 in Photo and Designer with the latest Windows 10 updates.
  14. I had not added this to my previous list (because I thought I had probably not chosen the correct resizing algorithm). The down-scaling of images is absolute garbage in Affinity Photo. I spent three days redoing a bunch of images for a client when I realized how soft they were compared to my down-scaled Photoshop images. I'm still having to use an old version of Photoshop to do most of my work after two years of trying to make this software part of my workflow. That's it for me. You're too slow fixing your crappy software Serif. It's so frustrating to know I've wasted my time learning what I was told is professional software. At least buying it wasn't a big deal, but I do count that as a waste of money as well.
  15. 1. EVERYTHING must have a keyboard shortcut. 2. Tools need to remember what was used last (the crop for example MUST maintain your previously entered crop setting). 3. It's absolutely critical the pen tool has a precision cursor/cross-hair option (seriously?). 4. Windows must expand automatically to make resizing handles evident when pasting over-sized content into a file. 5. Gradient tools, work on them. 6. The ability to migrate changes to multiple RAW files (with or without a macros) 7. The ability to open 20+ RAW files at a time 8. The check box to keep the start pop-over window from appearing every time you open Photo (or any of your other apps) should actually work. There are a lot more on my list, but let's work on these first.
  16. It's not clicks that waste time, it's moving one's hand around. There should be a keyboard shortcut for everything. I write this in almost 2020 and we still have no pro alternative to PS.
  17. When I launch the newest version of Affinity Photo on my PC running Windows (latest updates), I get the annoying suggestion window in the middle of the screen. Regardless of whether I check the box in the bottom left corner to keep this from happening, it still appears every time on launch.
  18. If they are indeed "huge" one would imagine it would not be such a "huge" secret what they actually did. I assume it's safe to say no macro/batch editing has been added to the Develop Module. Those doing time-lapses and the many other macro/batch operations required processing RAW files will have to hold on switching to Affinity. It must be difficult to implement, because it has been requested for years now.
  19. Hi Octavian, As far as I know this is not yet possible in Affinity. I'm answering the question two years later for the sake of people like me looking into if this is available yet. JFisher, Macros with Batch Processing does not work in the Develop Module. This was the most important macro/batch enhancement you could have made in your "huge" macro/batch improvements in 1.7. I'll check back in another two years.
  20. Professional time-lapse photography first and foremost requires processing of RAW files as a batch, synced with changes from one image. This is currently the only thing that still has me stuck with the competition, since Serif took care of my other gripes in v1.7. Video creation is not for a photo editing tool, and it would serve few properly to have this functionality added to Affinity Photo. This is really a task for a professional video editing application, where further colour work can be done, and 2D or even 3D camera movements can be emulated. You can find a tool to do that free. BMD's DaVinci Resolve is currently the best, and it will immediately recognize your .tiff sequence (the format you'll want to save in from RAW) as footage on import.
  21. Yes, I'm not under the belief the magic background removal fairy comes along and deletes the background when I push a button lol. The background was checkered (there was no background to begin with) and the result of my export was a black background after selecting transparent. It's not my first rodeo, I know about what was and what should work now. Perhaps this new version will fix the bug.
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