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  1. R C-R... isn't that sad... I got into this thread several years ago and followed along and (occasionally) shared my frustration and then unbounded joy, when the movable zero point appeared (first in Publisher Beta) then in AD 1.7... Apart from this thread I read a lot of posts and am eternally grateful when someone smarter than me (that a real lot of you) comes up with a solution that helps me. It never occurred to me that there was a points system or reputation system in either the Affinity or Apple Forums... I'm just a dumb designer from "Down Under" and if there was some points system, why it was so important to be recognised by a badge or a sticker ... so important that you would basically cheat to get one . If it is any consolation I would have thought that coming up with a solution that others say "oh yeah" would be enough in "personal smug value"... I am always grateful when someone comes up with an answer to a problem, that at times, I didn't even know I had... So to you R C-R, and h_d and walt.farrell and Alfred and all you other smart guys and girls ... all I can offer is a big "heartfelt thanks" Reading your posts make me smarter
  2. Hi Guys ... keep rolling on with that 1.7 beta...

    Cant wait for the final release... same with publisher that is really impressive... I have been holding off updating my Corel Draw because I knew that my letter to Santa last year would be answered... Just goes to show that reindeers and presents come to those who have been good boys and girls all year

    Ho Ho Ho 

    Thanks Affinity



  3. Sorry to appear dumb..(I am good at it ) but there seems to be a lot of Mac users, using 365... I have slowly converted most of the people I work with, to Pages...(and Numbers actually even the crusty accountants) Again I apologise if there is some hidden problem that I have not encountered but Pages etc, work fine (in the Mac world), and can export to anything and more to the point can open anything in prep to sending it off to be played with by Publisher. I have dragged some text direct from Pages, and it works fine. Again sorry If I am missing the point BUT Occam,s Razor ... By the way... great job Affinity
  4. With a very quick look at Publisher Beta... how great is the Zero point move... Thanks Affinity... Assuming that that will be the style transmitted to Designer I can only say that my birthday Easter and Christmas arrived on September 1st. Just as the update for parallels arrived and a few weeks after the offer to update Corel Draw... I was about to shell out hard earned shackles but not now ... Roll on AD 1.7...
  5. Tersmuse... This line started in 2015...March... so we have been patiently waiting. To be fair the guys and girls at Affinity have been doing a lot with iPads etc so I just know that it is sneaking up on us... One day version 1.7 will hit ... we will have moving zero points and Corel, Windows and Parallels will be no more on my new Mac... until then I will have to just sit here and move things between setups... In the meantime I have been doing a lot with Photo ... that is fun ... NOW along with the release of AD1.7 we can have a web app and while your at it take that mind of yours and make a video editing program... just kidding
  6. Hi affinity guys & girls... Just discovered a new application to use my Designer in/for ... doing all the prep work for our new (well in a few weeks) CNC machine BUT I really need that moving ruler origin... So still waiting ... really do not want to set up all my work Macs with Parallels and Corel draw when it would be much more fun to install Designer on them So how about I start a rumour (It's not true of course but most juicy rumours are not true) "Affinity is about to launch in final form, no beta, the mod for Designer that allows the moving of the zero point... Yeah!!!" OK that is not true and we will have to wait... (or do we???) Apart from that keep up the good work Affinity... great programs
  7. Jim etal ... I am a dual user absolutely Love my Affinity Designer (and Affinity Photo... but that is another story)... and I have to persist with Corel Draw Just for the zero moving feature... Jim... Please do not let this diminish (well not too much) the joy of the program(s)... I will patiently wait till 1.7 then let my joy be unbounded when I finally delete Corel, Windows and Parallels from my Mac... Waiting will make the receiving all that sweeter... Do not think for one minute that I diminish your needs for the feature... I too have that but we will rejoice when it finally arrives and we can use Designer to its full potential... Can you imaging the fun I can have doing architectural details with the unbelievable zooming capabilities of Designer Till the we will have to wait... p.s. I looked in the stocking at Christmas and there was no Zero point mover in it... I must admit ... that was the moment I stopped believing in Santa... BUT Just maybe the Easter bunny is real
  8. Dear Santa... I have been good all year and as much as I would really like that 1973 Porsche... all I want for Christmas is a movable Zero point so I can finally get rid of all those other programs and use Designer for everything... I have been waiting since the day one version one... so please please please ... can you ask those terrific elves at Affinity to make me a present for Christmas??? I promise to be good all next year if you will just give me that one thing... Thanks Santa cheers Rod
  9. Thanks Affinity... I really would like just one little thing... The ability to move the "zero" point to anywhere on the page... Give me that and I will send you a BIG christmas card... Apart from that ALL GREAT
  10. Interesting string... I used Corel from Ver 3... dabbled in Adobe then cancelled my subscription and went back to Corel... I went over to Designer after struggling with Corel in Parallels on my iMac (slowing etc) an I love Designer... However it lacks only one thing that will happily let me delete Corel & Parallels from my new Mac... the moving zero point in the rulers... Granted I am told how big etc the box/line I am creating is BUT if I could just chuck in some guidelines and move the "zero point" I would be totally wrapped... A few years ago It was promised in the future and in the meantime I will wait but have to run, dual Designer and Corel X8 on my Mac. Working on building and display design with the Designer zoom is frighteningly good!! The ability to open all the files in Designer or Photo is a big plus... just that one little niggle... the movable zero
  11. First an apology to all those people in the other world (windows Corel) to whom I have been evangelising about AD ... they must be getting bored... I (unfortunately) am still running Corel in Parallels because of on thing and only one thing... the non movable zero point in AD ... IF I could bring it up to a corner, or a guideline intersection ... I would be in 7th heaven ... I do a lot of designs that require plans and I do need that ability to measure walls panels etc IF you added importing CDR files to AD ... well give me an address and I will send you my first born... At the moment I have about 1.5 TB of CDRs some going back to version7 or 8 (I updated all my 4 files some years ago) While your lolling about... relaxing and basking in the glory of creating AD & AP ( I am kidding) when is Publisher raising its head?... and finally IF you make a 3 D animation program... I will send a kidney... To all at Affinity ... Thanks for your work and thoughtful designing cheers
  12. I note with some glee that there is an update coming... Can we have the (or will we have) the change of Origin Point in rulers... please??? That is the only thing that keeps driving me back to Corel for my design plans.. so I sympathise with mlmckenzie... Apart from that keep up the good work ... If I sent Christmas cards out... you at Affinity would certainly be on my list... but I don't send any so ... sorry... anyway have a merry xmas...
  13. Let me apologise early if this has been covered before but... Can you tell me if I set up two guideline on a page (vertical and horizontal) ... can I mover the "0,0" of the rulers to that intersection point? I know that many use cumulative measure but I find it much easier to design when I have a definitive start measure point in the body of the page not just at the corner of the page... OR have I just not discovered how to do it as yet???
  14. Matt Sorry... I should have posted the above in questions... I will put it there ... Still learning
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