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  1. Thank you for the recommendation, I have never heard of this one. I downloaded it and it looks good, nice and simple.
  2. I think it is a good idea because it would be part of Affinity's ecosystem, instead of having to use Microsoft Word or another word processor, Affinity would have their own in Affinity Word and it can integrate with photo, publisher and designer. A simple text editor with the same features as Microsoft word but not bloated, so we can just focus on writing. Affinity Publisher makes me focus on design, I find it hard to just sit down and write with.
  3. I am loving Affinity Publisher, but I am hoping you can add an Affinity Word App to challenge Microsoft Word. Affinity Publisher feels great for the design aspect of ebooks, but what about just simply writing an ebook? I would love an Affinity Word Processor. Just like Adobe Microsoft has become Subscription based, it annoys me having to pay money every month to use Word. I would like a one time payment of Affinity Word, an app where I can just simply write, import and export as pdf or word document etc I could write with Affinity Word, then place the finished document into Affinity Publisher where I can add pictures and art, design etc Think about it Affinity, I know it is more work for you guys, but because you already have Affinity Publisher it shouldn't be too hard to turn this into Affinity Word. Rather like we have a Microsoft Publisher and a Microsoft Word. Also would love to see an Affinity Font app in future, an innovative font creation and font viewing tool and Affinity Video, an innovative video editing tool.
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