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  1. Ordered my Workbook on the 24th (that's Thanksgivings Day here in the States). It arrived today Saturday the 26th. So Pysched! … and that was with normal shipping!! Awesome job guys.
  2. Never mind. I figured it out. It was showing me snapping candidates… I unchecked the box in Snapping Manager. Another learning moment. Now back to your regularly scheduled program…
  3. I notice that most times an pink outline remains around objects even after they are deselcted and even when they are masked. Is this a glitch? It makes it frustrating to get a clear view of what things really look like. If I am not being clear I have attached a screen grab. Thanks!
  4. ok. sadly I go back into the clutches of Adobe once again. please, please add this asap
  5. Seems like a simple thing. I just want to change the origin of the ruler from the preset uper left corner of my document. Obviously when drawing complex objects the ability to adjust the ruler origin is a requirement for accuracy. With all it's other great features I'm sure this option must be somewhere and I'm just not seeing it.
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