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  1. @BPimentaAre you using a particular OCIO config file, can you provide a copy?
  2. @Maxdanger Thanks for the report, I've logged this to be looked into.
  3. Just because it doesn't happen in another app, doesn't mean there isn't something else that could be causing an issue in our apps. @bwackv Have you tried resetting the app back to default settings? If not, hold down CTRL and open, when the options appear release the key and click Clear. If may also help if you can provide a screen recording of this happening on your systems as it's something I haven't been able to replicate on any of ours.
  4. @R.G.Welcome to the forums. Thanks for your report, I've logged this with our developers to look into.
  5. @purplieThank you for the report, I've logged this with the developers to look into further.
  6. @bunnnaliWelcome to the forums. From your video the document doesn't seem to be showing a canvas size or colour mode, I suspect the file may be corrupt/lost. You mentioned saving the document, so you should have a file you can load back in to continue to working on from the location you chose to save to. There are third party apps such as iMazing that allows you to access the apps sandboxed internal storage. This is where docs are temporarily stored that haven't been saved by using the Save option on the docs burger menu.
  7. @The Artifex ForgeThe issue may relate to one we have logged with our developers already. Can you provide a copy of custom brush you've created? If it's not already in a custom category, create one and move the brush and then export out.
  8. @Teh_Fizz Thanks for the crash report. I see from it you're using a beta of macOS Sonoma, we're still testing this with our apps before it's release. Can you try resetting Designer back to defaults, hold down CTRL and open. When the options appear, release the key and click Clear, just to see if that has any effect. Could you also do a screen recording that shows the crash occurring, so we have another reference to go with the crash report.
  9. @Ruslan TVUsing your file I reproduced the types of layers and your workflow shown to get the history entires. As the file doesn't seem to have the last page and objects as shown in your recording. However I haven't experienced any issues so far when returning to the document screen or saving back to the file. I'm saving locally to iPad storage, have you tried moving your file from Dropbox, then reopen and try the same workflow again?
  10. @Mainecoon364Can you expand some more on what you're wanting to do with the canvas. You have the option to resize the canvas within the Document pop out menu.
  11. I've got them to test the stacking process. Can you confirm what you have the Type set to for each file group and are you changing any other options?
  12. Just to be sure I tried the same workflow on one of our iPads that's running the beta of iPadOS and it's still the same. The image loads into the Tone Mapping persona the same as it did on an iPadOS beta iPad.
  13. @vwatsonWould you be able to try the latest Publisher beta as it's had some improvements in regards to books. If you've not signed up for the beta you can do so here. You can then download and install it alongside your existing version to test with. When testing, please use copies of your files and retain the originals for backup purposes, just in case.
  14. @irokiee I've used a Huion Q620M we have for testing but I don't seem to be getting any issues regardless of what I have the method set to. In terms of the right click being assigned to the second button of the pen. Even with Windows Ink enabled in our app and also the Huion app, a menu appears when pressed, depending on which tool is selected at the time. Any other information you can provide to help me in trying to replicate the issue, please let me know.
  15. CTRL キーを押したままアプリを開くと、一連のオプションが表示されるので、キーを放します。 ここで、「ハードウェア アクセラレーション (OpenCL) を無効にする」をチェックし、「クリア」をクリックして効果があるかどうかを確認します。 そうでない場合は、Windows イベント ビューアーをチェックして、アプリの起動と同時に他のエラーが表示されているかどうかを確認してください。 システム上で最新バージョンの .NET Framework が実行されているかどうかを確認することも重要です。
  16. This is your file open in Phoro V1 Tone mapping persona on one of our iPads. We can try resetting some options within the apps Preferences > Reset I'd enable the following and then tap Reset. Reset Tone Map Presets Reset User Defaults If this doesn't resolve the issue the next step will be to uninstall the app and then download it again from the App Store. Before doing this, please make sure that all your documents have been saved to outside of the app. If you also use the apps folder on iCloud for storage, please also rename or backup it up as this is also removed when uninstalling the app.
  17. Thanks for the screen recording. Could you also send me a DM link for the image used in the recording so I can test the same process.
  18. I've passed this over to the docs team to review the article.
  19. @BjornBear Welcome to the forums. You can use the Place Tool to select multiple images to insert into your document using the Place panel(only appears when multiple files are selected). Then you can select each one to place within your document. Once all have been placed the panel will hide automatically, if you don't use all the selected ones, if you selected another tool/feature the panel will close regardless of if all images haven't been used and can't be made visible again unless you restart the process knowing which images have already been used. Use the Resource Manager panel to see which images/resources have been used. You can also view the details of the image to show basic data which includes the page it's placed on.
  20. @tkarl__nn I've done some testing with a Huion Inspiroy Q620M we have available using fresh drivers from Huions website ( Following the initial steps from the Huion Help article (setting the working area to 180º but not flipping the display) I tested in Affinity Photo V2 and it seem to work ok. I did note that I expected the tablets buttons to flip/reverse but they didn't. I repeated the process but in PS and that seem to behave the same as ours. I don't have Windows Ink enabled within the drivers and I reset my Photo V2 (CTRL runup) to defaults before testing. Have you tried restoring the defaults within the driver or uninstalling/reinstalling them?
  21. I've logged this as an improvement to see if the entry in Live Docs can be deleted.
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