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  1. Thank you That seems to have fixed it. But I am not sure yet what part of the update created the error.
  2. I am using windows (should have mentioned that, sorry). There was actually a windows update yesterday, but turning Hardware Acceleration off doesn't seem to fix the problem. Windows Version: 21H1 Affinity Publisher Version:
  3. Hello Today when I openen Affinity Publisher to work on my project, the program will sometimes crash when: I open more than one file, And when I close a project tap. I have used Affinity programs for over 2 years now, and never had this problem before. *Edited for more info: Windows Version: 21H1 Affinity Publisher Version: d81256f9-ae6c-4630-99ec-60409fa305ac.dmp 8502bdaf-7fbe-41c6-86b8-d2815c1543da.dmp
  4. I think this could work if no solutions comes up. But so far, it seems like it is a program error and not the font itself. Tried this, but even after "de-italilicing" it, it has strange tapered look to it. Especially the "D" and "C". But the idea was good non the less. That was what I thought, since I did not have the problem with other similar programs.
  5. Yea, I should have all those fonts installed. But when I look at the installed fonts on windows, there at least doesn't seem to be duplicates installed (just tried an uninstalling them all, except for Gotham Black, still generates the problem). The PDF isn't the original, original. It has been changed as I have tried to find out what was wrong. But I have attached it. Test.pdf
  6. Apparently, I already had that version installed. So I have tried to uninstall the font and reinstall both the TTF and the OTF version. But the errors still appear. I have also now tried to change the stroke placement from "Outside", to "Centret", and with that there is no "output error" at all. It only happens when it is set to "Outside" and when I am using a Affinity Product. Adobe doesn't seem to have the problem. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18EPQjrqYxUJGKosc5BYXocVHFJUsqbCh/view?usp=sharing Test.afpub
  7. As far as I can see, the font is a OTF, it is called Gotham Black and the version is 001.000. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1znHE9piPO39enPPkL9KWpwaupJvQn69U?usp=sharing But I am only having this problem in the Affinity family products. But it is just strange that the fault is with the font when Adobe Illustrator don't generate the same error. Test.afpub
  8. I tried to change it from 1.5 to it to 25, 100 and 0, and there was no change in the stroke. So doesn't seem like that is it. But thanks for the suggestion anyway
  9. That is an excellent question, and one I should have included.. Sorry about that. The font is called Gotham (it is the black one), but I have stretched it here and there. And the outline is a stroke with a white fill. And I have also not tried to power up the old adobe illustrator and use the font there. But here the font shows normally when saving as a pdf.
  10. Hello there I am having a problem with saving a document as a vector. When looking at it in Publisher, it all looks fine. But as soon as I save as a vector (PDF, SVG, etc) in any way, strange chunks will appear. Saving it as a PNG/JPG does not display these errors. I have tried using other fonts, which don't seem to be creating the problem. But I like this font and have already spend a good a amount of time on the project before I noticed it.
  11. I have the same problem and non of the suggested fixes in the link is working. The line just won't go away. But it seems like it only appears when I have a shape with a different fill than the stroke.
  12. I am aware. And the Shape layer layer has black and grey pixels, which were the two I tried to smudge together. And for the brush, I pressed the smudge button and started smudging. Never changed any brush setting for the tool.
  13. It is still not the edge of the piece that I am trying to smudge, but the darker areas. And I am using the "standard" brush when you pick the smudge tool, which seems to have be the problem. For some reason, whatever brush that was, it REFUSED to do anything to the darker areas when below 50% strength. So your solution didn't work, but your question did XD Thanks
  14. Neither. I am trying to smudge the dark area with the lighter area, trying to mold it and to make the lines that are to "sharp" blend with nearby colors. I have attached a image were I have done it in photoshop. There, I am only working with a strength of 22%.
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