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  1. Hi Achim63, Select the Pen tool, on the context toolbar is an option for "Use Fill", could you enable this and try your steps again. If you continue to have issues, let me know and I will look into it further.
  2. Hi Paul, Welcome to the forums. I've logged this with our devs to look into further as I get the same issue, unless I export to PDF. Thanks for letting us know.
  3. Hi Superduperdude, Welcome to the forums. So that your export is as close to your original design, some unsupported elements are rasterised during export. In your designs case it's the outer shadows and gradient overlay effects that need to be rasterised.
  4. If you reset Designer back to defaults by holding the CTRL key while opening this will reset the colour profile settings. If you just want to change the RGB Colour profile , the default is sRGB IEC61966-2.1
  5. Hi Zenman, Welcome to the forums. Once you have your selection click on Edit > Copy (⌘ + C), switch to your other photo and click Edit > Paste (⌘+V). This will place your selection onto a new layer, with the layer selected you can use the Move tool (V) to resize and position. Hope this helps.
  6. Welcome to the forums. You can have multiple documents open at the same time, with an existing file open select File > Open or New, a new tab will appear and you can switch between them. If a document is opened but no edits have been made you won't receive a prompt to save when closing. Scroll bars can be made visible all the time, however this enabled within System Preferences > General > Show scroll bars > Always. Thanks
  7. Hi PaulW, I can't replicate your issue, however some other users have experienced a similar issue with the help in the beta versions running on Yosemite. I believe the beta builds have been updated with a fix, see this forum post. Thanks
  8. Hi jkehoe, The Develop Persona is still being worked on during our remaining development time which includes rewriting the processing engine. Meanwhile the tools available on the Basic and Overlay panels should allow you to adjust the overexposure. Thanks Lee
  9. See replies here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/9018-opening-existing-illustrator-300-dpi-files-become-72-dpi/&p=37503 & https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/9019-opening-existing-illustrator-300-dpi-files-become-72-dpi/&p=37505
  10. Lee D

    RAW files

    Hi Jack, I've used that site before, great resource. Thanks
  11. Hi jackamus, Just in case some settings have changed can you open the program up while holding down the CTRL key. When prompted click Select All and then Clear, once the program has opened can you try the colour picker again.
  12. Hi jackamus, Just to confirm after you have used the colour picker are you then clicking on the swatch next to the colour picker to apply the colour? Thanks Lee
  13. Hi evtonic3, A quick solution is Shift + ⏎, however if you wish to see all available settings click on the Paragraph button on the context toolbar or from the Text menu, select Show Paragraph, this will open the Paragraph dialog. Here you can change the paragraph formatting, if you change the After Paragraph setting to 0pt, this will reduce the vertical gap which comes after a standard return. Thanks Lee
  14. Hi Patrick, Can you post a copy of the .eps file here and I will take a look at it for you. Thanks Lee
  15. Hi deanezra, Click on View > Studio and check to see if Layers is enabled, if it isn't, click to enable and it will become visible. You can also reset the studio from the same menu, this will reset all panels to default. Thanks Lee
  16. Hi sravigowda, Welcome to the forums. During the remaining development time the Develop Persona is being updated, this includes a rewrite of the processing engine used. In the meantime you can manually adjust settings like exposure, contrast, etc using the tools on the various panels. Thanks Lee
  17. Hi cleay, Welcome to the forums. Exporting your designs from Affinity Designer will be your best option, you can export to various file formats and most are supported by InDesign. However it will be imported into InDesign as an image so editing may not be available. Thanks Lee
  18. Hi robert_muench, Hopefully this is what you are wanting to do. With your image placed on the document, switch to the Pixel Persona and click the Selection Brush Tool (W). Brush over your image to select the areas, now switch to the Erase Brush Tool (E) change the brush width if needed, make sure the correct layer is highlighted and begin to brush over the selected areas, the Mask is automatically created. Another way is to switch to the Pixel Persona, highlight your layer click Select > Select Sampled Colour. Now click to select the colour of your image, edit the Tolerance if needed, click Apply. Now switch to the Erase Brush Tool (E) and brush over the selected areas. Thanks Lee
  19. Hi ChrisP, We do have two brushes based on ropes however these may not suit everyones needs. Have you considered creating your own brush, click here for a video tutorial. Thanks Lee
  20. Hi Maurizio, Welcome to the forums. You will need to install your colour profile within OS X, the colour profile needs to be copied into the following system folder. Macintosh HD > Library > Colorsync > Profiles Once the profile has been installed open Affinity Designer and select Affinity Designer > Preferences. The Colour tab has the drop down menus for you to change to the profile you have installed. You can also select a profile on the New Document window or change it on an existing document using the Document Setup button.
  21. Hi electriczipper, Welcome to the forums. You can definitely use Affinity Designer to create your designs, we have a trial version available to download here and some video tutorials here. Thanks
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