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  1. Hi everyone, I want to resize my picture by making the document a little bigger. So my question is « Is it better to resize the document before adding layers or it does not matter if you do it after development ». I have done after all the settings and everything looks good but I would like to have your opinion. Thank you
  2. Hi, I was wondering if someone can help me. I bought some cloud brushes and I was wondering how I can add some adjustments layers to the brush. I’ve tried adding a new pixel layer and brush the cloud on that layer. I created a group for the pixel layer and try to add some adjustments layers and the only one that has an effect is the white balance adjustment. I can use the effects like the gradient or the gaussian blur but I can’t figure out how to add adjustments layers. I also tried with a mask with no results. First is it possible to do it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Hi Meb, I will try that but by doing this losing am I the speed of the Universal version? Thank you
  4. I have try to install the plugins by following the instructions at https://help-nikcollection4.dxo.com/install_activate and it does not work. I uninstalled Nik Collection and reinstalled it and it still does not work. I have installed the plugins in Applications/Nik Collection/Dxo. When I open a tif file in Affinity Photo and try to use Silver Efex or Viveza nothing is happening. I have the last version of Big Sur on a Mac Mini M1. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  5. If you have macros on Windows, can you export them and use them on Mac? Thanks
  6. You should run Dxdiag to see the feature levels that you have. Yesterday it was not working on my PC and today its working.
  7. Thank you for your comments. Yesterday I installed the last drivers before installing Photo. Look at my new post Windows Enable OpenCL Hardware Acceleration because today its working.
  8. Yesterday I installed the 1.9 version of Photo and enable OpenCL Hardware Acceleration and every time I open an image Photo would crash so I uncheck the option and everything was fine. But this morning I ran the app Dxdiag and it show me the version of the Feature Levels on my video card (GeForce GTX 1060). As you can see my card supports Feature Levels 12_1 and 12_0. So there is no reason why it does not work. So I tried again enabling the option once again and now its working, I don't know why but its working.
  9. Every time I was opening a Raw file Affinity Photo would crash. I uncheck Hardware Acceleration and now everything is fine. I guess my video card (GForce GTX 1060) is not compatible..
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