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  1. I would like to add to the long list of people who desire data merge. However, I would like one option further. My use case: 1) I have a document setup with "Named" picture frames (e.g. imageplacement_01) 2) I have a folder of images, imageplacement_01...imageplacement_099) 3) I want to choose my directory and then to merge the image directory into my document. Image frame corresponds to image name in the folder. I have document/newsletters for various groups many in different languages. Language words can change the size of items. I also need images that may be different depending on the group or language. I just want to import everything into my document. If I can have text and images imported it would be much faster and easier to get my monthly work done. Right now I have a mix of Adobe products and macros. The overall content changes from month to month but the layout remains the same for the most part except for images. I have one template that I start with. I import everything, then I make minor adjustments. If there is a last minute text or image change, I want to just import the change than to try and figure where everything resides over multiple documents in multiple languages.
  2. Awesome, thank you both for the replies. Took me only a minute figure out what I wanted once I understood about how pressure worked from the tutorial
  3. Thanks for the replies and the link to the video. I will check that out.
  4. In Adobe Illustrator, I could create a stroke using the Pen Tool (P) and then go back and use the Width tool and select two points and make that part of the line wider. So that I could have a line that went from thin to wide to thin. Is there an equivalent way to do this in Designer? For reference only, I am linking to a demo of the technique I am speaking about http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/how-to-create-a-thick-to-thin-line-in-adobe-illustrator-treehouse-quick-tips
  5. Illustrator has a tool called Live Trace that can convert a raster image into a vector one. Is there a similar option for Affinity Designer? Wonder if there is a way to accomplish this or if this a possible upcoming feature?
  6. I opened a PDF document that is basically boxes and lines. Affinity Designer converted them to curves I copy the items from the PDF to a new document and AF shrinks the object to less than 1/4 of the original size. This happens no matter if I use Paste or any of the Paste Special options or no formatting. I get a very tiny representation Both documents are 8.5" x 11in documents What am I missing? What do I need to adjust? There is nothing special with the PDF and it is open source. I have attached it. FYP0I3NF2FRVBGM.pdf
  7. I want to get rid of Adobe Illustrator -- missing items like that keeps me on Adobe. Hopefully with future updates we will some of these items.
  8. Thanks. I will see what happens when I convert the file to use it on a laser cutter.
  9. How do you break it? Deleting the center point creates a cresent.
  10. Okay, I found the pie tool, and it will almost work. 1) Select the Pie Tool 2) Hold shift while drawing to constrain it to circle vs ellipse 3) Invert angles I know I could convert to curves BUT, it does not give me what I want because all I want is the curve. If there was a way to covert the pie to two lines and a arc so I can delete the two lines then it would give me what I need. A little convoluted but it works -- almost. Better yet, an arc tool that will create the arc I want and then allow me to simply keep the arc would be best. Seems like you could derive most of the code from the Pie Tool.
  11. In AI, I can use a tool and specify three points and it will fit an arc or curve. In AI using something like Scriptographer I can specify a degree and diameter or radius of a circle and it the script will create the appropriate arc. What is the equivalent in Affinity Designer? I know my radius. I know my angle. That gives me my two points. Now have AD draw me that arc....
  12. your survey has a bug. If I am only interested in Designer, I must specify values for Photo in order to submit the survey. Either have two surveys or make certain answers N/A
  13. *bump* As well as those who do tabletop game design
  14. Thanks. The export and use Poster Option is what I continue to use. The other method does not give me what I want. Hopefully this is addressed in a future update. One of the features from AI that will make it hard for me to switch. I went back to AI this morning and used the tiling feature to exactly what I wanted.
  15. Thank you! That worked -- but was not obvious to me ;) I also did not find the info in the online help. Thank you for the quick response.