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  1. Awesome, thank you both for the replies. Took me only a minute figure out what I wanted once I understood about how pressure worked from the tutorial
  2. Thanks for the replies and the link to the video. I will check that out.
  3. In Adobe Illustrator, I could create a stroke using the Pen Tool (P) and then go back and use the Width tool and select two points and make that part of the line wider. So that I could have a line that went from thin to wide to thin. Is there an equivalent way to do this in Designer? For reference only, I am linking to a demo of the technique I am speaking about http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/how-to-create-a-thick-to-thin-line-in-adobe-illustrator-treehouse-quick-tips
  4. Illustrator has a tool called Live Trace that can convert a raster image into a vector one. Is there a similar option for Affinity Designer? Wonder if there is a way to accomplish this or if this a possible upcoming feature?
  5. I opened a PDF document that is basically boxes and lines. Affinity Designer converted them to curves I copy the items from the PDF to a new document and AF shrinks the object to less than 1/4 of the original size. This happens no matter if I use Paste or any of the Paste Special options or no formatting. I get a very tiny representation Both documents are 8.5" x 11in documents What am I missing? What do I need to adjust? There is nothing special with the PDF and it is open source. I have attached it. FYP0I3NF2FRVBGM.pdf
  6. TurboCooler

    Affinity Designer - Precision Arc?

    I want to get rid of Adobe Illustrator -- missing items like that keeps me on Adobe. Hopefully with future updates we will some of these items.
  7. TurboCooler

    Affinity Designer - Precision Arc?

    Thanks. I will see what happens when I convert the file to use it on a laser cutter.
  8. TurboCooler

    Affinity Designer - Precision Arc?

    How do you break it? Deleting the center point creates a cresent.
  9. TurboCooler

    Affinity Designer - Precision Arc?

    Okay, I found the pie tool, and it will almost work. 1) Select the Pie Tool 2) Hold shift while drawing to constrain it to circle vs ellipse 3) Invert angles I know I could convert to curves BUT, it does not give me what I want because all I want is the curve. If there was a way to covert the pie to two lines and a arc so I can delete the two lines then it would give me what I need. A little convoluted but it works -- almost. Better yet, an arc tool that will create the arc I want and then allow me to simply keep the arc would be best. Seems like you could derive most of the code from the Pie Tool.
  10. In AI, I can use a tool and specify three points and it will fit an arc or curve. In AI using something like Scriptographer I can specify a degree and diameter or radius of a circle and it the script will create the appropriate arc. What is the equivalent in Affinity Designer? I know my radius. I know my angle. That gives me my two points. Now have AD draw me that arc....
  11. your survey has a bug. If I am only interested in Designer, I must specify values for Photo in order to submit the survey. Either have two surveys or make certain answers N/A
  12. TurboCooler

    Affinity Designer - Multi-sheet printing?

    *bump* As well as those who do tabletop game design
  13. TurboCooler

    Affinity Designer - Multi-sheet printing?

    Thanks. The export and use Poster Option is what I continue to use. The other method does not give me what I want. Hopefully this is addressed in a future update. One of the features from AI that will make it hard for me to switch. I went back to AI this morning and used the tiling feature to exactly what I wanted.
  14. Thank you! That worked -- but was not obvious to me ;) I also did not find the info in the online help. Thank you for the quick response.
  15. Is there a way to print across multiple sheets of paper? The design I am working on is 16" by 16" I just want to print a proof across multiple sheets of paper. When I attempt to print it seems it want to print on a single sheet of paper and I see no option to print across multiple sheets of paper. Right now I have been exporting into another file format like PDF and using a PDF program to print but was hoping there was an easier way to do this.