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  1. I have been using PhotoStack as a cataloging tool. I was wondering if there are any plans to replace it with something in the Affinity line of products. Thanks.
  2. Randy Williams

    AP - Error on Saving afphoto File

    I have recently upgded my computer to a standard laptop. I know that one cannot prove a negative but so far the problem has not recurred with the new computer. I am reasonably sure that the "problem" was hardware related.
  3. Randy Williams

    Trouble Downloading Version 1.5.1

    Sorry, I didn't mention that this was for a PC not a MAC. Can't blame the Apple Store for my problems.
  4. Randy Williams

    Trouble Downloading Version 1.5.1

    I just retried the download this morning. It worked with no problems in about 2 minutes. The install went fine. I am impressed with the speed improvements. I did not have to disable AV or firewakl software. Yesterday, I was not even getting the downloading box in the browser.
  5. I have been "downloading" version 1.5.1 for approximately 9 hours without success. When I look at the resource monitor, I see a short (1 to 2 minute) high download speed. Then it drops to practically nothing, I have been able to download the beta versions and version 1.5.0 without any problems. Thoughts or ideas? Thanks.
  6. Randy Williams

    AP - Error on Saving afphoto File

    Chris, I have gone from the develop persona to the photo persona and exported the picture as a jpg. Then, clicked on the close "X" at the top right. AP asks if I want to save as an afphoto file because it can't save back to a CR2 file. I click "Yes." Then I go to open another CR2 file. While loading the second CR2 file, I get the error. This does not happen every time but maybe 20% of the time, just enough to be frustrating. In answer to Keith's second question, the file is located on the laptop's hard drive. I am using an HP Split X2 which has a solid state hard drive in the removable screen section and regular hard drive in the keyboard section. The files are all on the hard drive. It is possible that AP uses the solid state drive for temporary files and has something to do with it. I do use a WD MyCloud device as a synced backup device. That is a networked drive. I thought that might have something to do with the problem so I paused the syncing so it would not be in play and the error still occurred. I can generally recreate my developing steps but that is a nuisance. Thanks for the help.
  7. Randy Williams

    AP - Error on Saving afphoto File

    Please see the attached file for the message. I get this too often and lose all of my work. I am using an Intel i5 processor and Windows 10 Professional. Affinity Capture.pdf
  8. Whne I load a Canon RAW file into the Affinity Photo Beta, I do not see the location tab. I believe that I have the dorrect permissions set in Windows 10. I have attached some screen shots. Affinity Screenshots.pdf
  9. Randy Williams

    Comments, Possible Bug, and Feature Requests

    Patrick, I worked in IT for nearly 50 years. I know the value of good feedback so I tried to do a good job of making my comments complete and cogent. Please feel free to contact me if you need any clarification. --Randy
  10. These are some of my initial impressions: First, let me say that I am, at best, a novice photo editor. I have been shooting digital photographs for about six years. Up until about two years ago, I lived with what the camera gave me as a jpeg. I then started to use GIMP as a photo editing program. Although it is a powerful program, I found its interface to be cumbersome and I did not do well with it. I was looking for something else, when I heard about the Affinity for Windows beta. I signed up but in the interim was still looking for something other than GIMP. I tried the Photoshop free version. It was better than GIMP for me but still not as friendly as I would have liked. I finally decided to give Serif PhotoPlus a try and have liked it a lot. I had looked at most of the Affinity tutorials and still thought it was the program that I would like the most. So I, not so patiently, waited for the beta version to come out. As soon as I was notified that it was available, I downloaded the beta version and have been experimenting with it since November 11, 2016. Here are my initial comments: The download and installation speed were extremely good, especially for a program of this size and complexity. It appears that you simply ported over the MAC version of the help files. You should look for the MAC-PC differences in language and make the appropriate changes, e.g., replace "Finder" with "File Explorer." This will make Windows only users happy and limit some support questions. I added the NIK collection of plug-ins. After doing so, I received a message that using them "required a restart." From a Windows user's perspective, this generally means a complete reboot of the computer. Most Windows programs say something like, "These changes will not take effect until the next time you start the program." This, too, might save some support time. My initial impression of the user interface is that it is very intuitive. I know that others have said that it is not so intuitive, especially for users of Photoshop. After I do some real editing as opposed to just experimenting, I may have either changed my mind or reinforced my initial impressions. Some transition seem to be slow on my PC. It is only and Intel i5; that may have something to with it. I found zooming by using the mouse wheel could cause a delay and a not responding message. So, too, did going from a developed RAW image to the file menu. Changes in the develop persona work quickly, I find thinking of the personas as a user interface environment helpful. I would like to see a preference setting for default file open, save, and export defaults. Retain export profile selection from picture to picture not go back to best quality. File saving, especially the Affinty file type is amazingly fast. Cannot get "Location" to appear in the "Develop" persona with the proper security settings.