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    Twomen got a reaction from HaroldRurry in Backup and restore Affinity Settings, Workspace, Shortcuts, etc   
    it is possible to somehow backup and restore my Affinity Settings, Workspace, Shortcuts, etc? I could use it in the migration to a new beta.
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    Twomen got a reaction from HaroldRurry in Backup and restore Affinity Settings, Workspace, Shortcuts, etc   
    it is possible to somehow backup and restore my Affinity Settings, Workspace, Shortcuts, etc? I could use it in the migration to a new beta.
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    Twomen reacted to 00Ghz in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.4.1 - Beta 1)   
    Convert text frame to artistic text and the other way around as well. +10000
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    Twomen reacted to ronnyb in Export persona and general UI issue   
    Here is another example of the type being rendered extra bold and aliased. Notice the dimmed items (Include crop marks, Include registration marks, etc). Also, the font size is really tiny in some of the item (Use Document Resolution and Document DPI labels), it feels like it's not respecting the Large UI font setting in preferences...

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    Twomen reacted to ronnyb in Export persona and general UI issue   
    In many of the UI panels, the Tab key doesn't work properly to tab through the UI fields.
    Sometimes the Blue highlight (why doesn't Affinity support my highlight color as specified in my OS X Preferences?) doesn't disappear when going to another field, leaving a duplicate of where it was before the tab. This happens all over the UI.

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    Twomen reacted to AshTeriyaki in Artboard power duplicate   
    Exactly what it says on the tin. It works on objects, it'd be super useful for artboards too.
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    Twomen reacted to 00Ghz in Artboard pdf export range   
    Names, selection and range would be all welcomed.
    And some option to reverse the order they are exported if I want it. Right now the bottom artboard is the first PDF page, and the top artboard is the last. :)
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    Twomen reacted to AshTeriyaki in Artboard pdf export range   
    Currently when exporting we only have the option of exporting individual boards or the whole lot, it'd be great to have a range input so we could type 1-6 or (If you're feeling fancy) 1-3,7,10
    I know they are named objects, but just assuming you guys have some record of the their creation order? Of course if you did this you'd also have to add the board number in the layer panel. OR, we could have a fancier multi-select artboard export panel.
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    Twomen reacted to rafi in [ADe] Align/distribute to key object: desperately needed for Scientists   
    Dear Affinity Team,
    First of all congratulation on Affinity Photo and Designer. I absolutely love both programs. You guys are doing an amazing job, thanks for that!
    I agree with the post above, and I have the same request. In Designer, when you want to align objects, it would be extremely useful to be able to select one of the objects as a fixed reference that does not move while other objects align to the reference.
    I would love to be able to use Designer to prepare figures for scientific publications, but without this feature it is difficult. I imagine you guys are very busy, but it would be a big plus to have this feature implemented. With this feature, I would be happy to use exclusively Designer, but without it, I still have to rely on alternatives.
    Thanks a lot, keep up the good work and greetings from Beijing. 
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    Twomen reacted to nonresidentalien in [ADe] Align/distribute to key object: desperately needed for Scientists   
    Hi guys,
    I have recently switched my whole research group from using AI to using Affinity Designer. However, the thing that every single user heavily complained about, and that really limits the utility of AffinityDesigner for us, is the lack of an option to select a key or reference object that stays put during alignment and distribution operations.
    This is very crucial for the preparation of scientific data plots where one really cannot have the data points shifting around when aligning them to their labels. It would also be very helpful for preparing multi-paneled figure etc.
    Also, while at it, a 'select same color/stroke/fill/...' feature would be great, and the eyedropper tool could use some attention (eg. for text and vector objects)
    Please make these available, and I will promise, that there will be a landslide of scientists moving away from their current overpriced rental software to using Affinity Designer
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    Twomen reacted to ronnyb in Art board tool suggestion   
    Would be nice to have the Arrange tools in the Context toolbar when the Artboard tool is selected. I tend to do a lot of Artboard reorganizing, and avoiding the pop-up is nice... thanks for your consideration.
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    Twomen reacted to Dale in 1.4.1 updates out now   
    This thread was originally about 1.4 updates in December 2015. The team have now also released 1.4.1 updates on Jan 20th 2016, incremental patches to squash some bugs—visit your App Store to update now!
    Read a little more about 1.4.1 updates.
    Hi all
    As many of you will know after seeing numerous beta versions over the last few months, our dev team have been working very hard and we're delighted to share the fruit of their labour with everyone! Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo both have new 1.4 updates available now in the Mac App Store, free to existing customers!
    And to celebrate these updates, both apps are now on a 20% discount offer to entice new customers, bringing the normal price of US$49.99/€49.99/£39.99 down to US$39.99/€39.99/£29.99 for one week, ending December 15th. Here's a little taste of what's new in both apps...
    Full support for DCI-P3 extended gamut iMac displays Pro printing including PDF/X and Pantone support Custom keyboard shortcuts More languages And a look at what's in Affinity Photo:
    Six extensions for Apple Photos on El Capitan Pro image stitching in new Panorama persona Live image stacks And Affinity Designer:
    Artboards! Custom rotation centre We've packed in plenty more too, more than some devs would add in paid upgrades :) There is also improved PSD compatibility, updated RAW support, improved typography, Split Screen on El Cap, workflow and performance improvements—all across both apps.  
    Visit your Mac App Store update page to get your hands on the good stuff and see what else has been added in the 1.4.1 incremental updates.
    As always there is useful info on the Mac App Store pages for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo and you can check out the overview videos on our blog. Thanks guys, you've knocked it out the park yet again!
    Thanks for reading, Dale.
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    Twomen reacted to Argonox in Line pressure to outline curve   
    Hey Meb!
    maybe I've got the same problem like aaanouel.
    After creating a stroke, I apply the line pressure "effect". Afterwards I want to outline the shape by using "Layer-Expand Stroke"... unfortunately "Expand Stroke" ignores my pressure effect. :-(
    "Expand Stroke" creates a weird shape that does not represent the original :-(
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    Twomen reacted to Argonox in Line pressure to outline curve   
    Hi Meb,
    thanks for the warm welcome!
    Of course... here is the desired file  :)
    thanks and best regards,
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    Twomen reacted to Andy Somerfield in Affinity Designer Customer Beta ( - RC8 GM3)   
    Purpose: Fixes 
    Status: Release Candidate - Gold Master (again!)
    Requirements: Purchased Affinity Designer
    Mac App Store: Submitted
    Download: Here
    To use this beta, simply download the file from the link given above and double-click on the file to open the installer. Follow the instructions to install the beta version. The beta sits alongside the Mac App Store version and will not interfere with it. Please note that if you use features which are only present in the Beta version then save your document, it will no longer open in the Mac App Store version.
    This is a Release Candidate and desperate last minute update build. It is our intention to submit this for review This has been submitted to Apple. We will obviously start adding more features again as soon as this update goes live.
    - Fix for width/height in Transform panel becoming unruly with Artboard selected - Fix for overprint in PDF export
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    Twomen reacted to decimate555 in Affinity Designer Customer Beta ( - RC7 GM2)   
    Sorry to notice this so late in the beta process, but I'm not sure if this is by design or an oversight, but the line pressure curves control for strokes only seems to work for lines created with the pen tool, I attempted to create variable width strokes from a line created with the vector brush but it has no effect whatsoever. 
    I thought this would work because on the stroke palette, the option is active for me to do this, it's just non-functional, at least in this latest release.
    Thank you.

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    Twomen reacted to sergio in Show which artboard is active on canvas   
    Currently it's only possible to see which artboard is active in the layers panel. It would be great if the currently active artboard would also be highlighted in the canvas.
    This would minimize reliance in having to use UI panels when e.g. assessing which artboard is the target for pasting.
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    Twomen got a reaction from 00Ghz in type not transforming scale with other elements.   
    I reopen this old topic. I need to reduce size of group, which contains Frame text.
    I can use an extra handle (as described of Dave), but I need to enter exact dimensions of group with Transform panel. Frame text not scaling in this case :(
    Is there any solution please?
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    Twomen reacted to MEB in [Usability] Mouse-wheel shortcut for brush resize.   
    You can press and hold ⌃(ctrl) + ⌥ (option/alt) to resize the brush (dragging horizontally) or change it's hardness (dragging vertically).
    You can also press the keyboard numbers to change the opacity.
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    Twomen reacted to MEB in Enable smart guides while duplicating   
    Hi sergio,
    You're probably using ⌥ (option/alt) to duplicate the objects (which also overrides the snapping). If you release the ⌥ (option/alt) key after the copy as been created but still while dragging the copy, it will display the smart guides. Alternatively you can use ⌘ (cmd) instead which does the same without the snapping override.
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    Twomen reacted to sergio in Enable smart guides while duplicating   
    When duplicating objects (or artboards) via dragging it would be a huge time saver if smart guides work during the drag to duplicate operation.
    Currently we're restricted to first having to drag to duplicate, then moving to allow smart guides to work.
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    Twomen reacted to sergio in Allow toggling duplicate while dragging   
    One frustration I have with Affinity Designer (and Photoshop) is that if I want duplicate while dragging using the ALT modifier key, I have to remember to press ALT before dragging.
    Illustrator and Sketch are much more forgiving if I forget to press ALT - if you press/unpress ALT while dragging, it will toggle the duplicate mode.
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    Twomen got a reaction from MattP in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (   
    Hi, nice work and thank for next Beta version :)
    Some observations:
    1. Margins bug, when I change dimensions of Artboard (show the video).
    2. When I rotate canvas, Margins and Guides still remain (they rotate until I scroll with mouse etc.).
    3. When is canvas rotated and I move with Artboard, canvas unpredictably zoom out.
    4. And why not Bleed options included directly in the New document window? Now I can set Bleed only in already open document.
    PS: Sorry for my english.
    Margins bug in Artboard.mov
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    Twomen reacted to ONSO in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (   
    Nice! so, looking forward to working with this release. Once again Affinity "THANKS" for all the hard work. We truly appreciate it. 
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    Twomen reacted to vonBusing in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (   
    Thanks for the separated printer marks options in the pdf export.