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  1. That's amazing news. Just a shame it didn't come during the 50% window. I know I'm going to sound super ungrateful now, but I can't justify £70 just to get this one feature. Would have (and still would) bought the £35 "upgrade" without hesitation, though! Really glad to see this coming, though!
  2. I have not bothered to upgrade to v2 because of this missing feature and this thread. The resistence to the feature by Affinity, the snark and condescension from some of the "pillars" of this community, both make me deeply wary of investing more money in this software. Such a small, simple thing to add. (And I'm sorry I simply won't believe it's hard to add - it just needs to read the topmost, leftmost, bottommost, and rightmost positions of the selection and then move the existing crop boundaries to those positions. If even that is too much work then the code must be absolute spaghetti. And there are many other ways it could be achieved more elegantly, I'm sure.) They are losing money over this feature. Clearly not enough for them to care, though.
  3. Some of the comments on this forum truly baffle me. The constant and often insulting resistence to perfectly reasonable feature requests is just... weird. Nobody is demanding Serif match all of Photoshop's features or prices. We just want a very, very easily implemented feature prevelant in pretty much *every other* photo editing software. It truly baffles me how there's *any* resistance to adding this feature. And let's not pretend that Serif don't position Affinity Suite as a direct alternative to Adobe. It's clear that's who they're directly taking aim at with their repeated "No subscription" proclamations. This comparison is utterly absurd. We're not demanding that GMC produce a product with all the luxuries and precision of a Bently. Though that's a pretty insulting towards Affinity comparison to make in the first place. We're asking, to keep with your anaology, something more akin to that they add the ability for the windows to roll all the way up or down without having to press the button the entire time. Something that nearly all modern cars offer, other than this one. I won't even get into how condescending your last sentence is.
  4. Can't agree with this assessment. Even if they had to make compromises at the start, completely eliminating the possiblity of later adding a pretty major feature option speaks to lack of foresight in my opinion. I'd not be surprised if the text engine issue isn't really the issue, but rather the further implications such as LondonSquirrel pointed out.
  5. Hope you're right. They've certainly had years to think about it. That speaks to a shocking lack of foresight when programming their text engine.
  6. What you discuss there is poor non-latin font support. That's a different, though admittedly connected issue. But all it does is point out another glaring weakness in this suite.
  7. People keep talking about 8 years and 7 years and ignoring that the number of years is pretty much irrelevant. What matters is the number and quality of updates in that time. Which, since I've bought anything from Affinity, at least, has been few and minor. Maybe the pace and substance of updates was better in the early years?
  8. As someone eagerly awaiting crop to selection I too have lost faith. Affinity seem to pick new features by putting a small bucket at the bottom of the grand canyon then lobbing rocks randomly off random ledges. If the rock lands in the bucket the feature gets added. It's clearly a small bucket. Edit: From the link above. What on earth did they do when they wrote their code to compose and render text? At literally no point in that process do they have a string that they can just... reverse? Mind-boggling.
  9. Makes me wonder why. Reversing text is not a challenging thing to do when programming, and the alignment of the text is already an option. Is there some huge consideration that makes this a difficult feature to add? The Affinity apps don't feel like they have spaghetti codebases, so this should surely be relatively trivial in the grand scheme of things? Something like 2bn people around the world use RTL written languages, so it would seem a market segment worth supporting.
  10. Would love to see Crop to Selection (i.e. whatever is surrounded by the marquee tool) added in a future update. Was very disappointed to hear it did not make it into the V2 release. I'm speaking primarily about Photo as that's the one I need it for, but I assume others would get benefit in the other apps too. Please note this is an entirely separate discussion to the one regarding V1. There's an entirely separate forum for V2 so I'm assuming feedback related to V1 isn't applicable to V2 and thus this thread is needed.
  11. I suspect the view people hold will depend on how long they've had their licenses. If you've had it a year, you're much more likely to be looking for upgrade pricing. If you've had it for 8 years, you're probably not at all fussed. I personally don't see any reason to upgrade my Photo license given the lack of new features that will matter to me and the way Affinity completely ignore long-standing and relatively simple feature requests, to the extent it feels almost like disdain, especially when I've only had my license about a year (maybe more, but feels like about a year).
  12. Baffling. I'm beginning to think they're trolling us. Oh well, saves me some money at least.
  13. Plenty of workarounds, but nothing as simple as just selecting an area and that being what the crop is. For me personally this is absolutely vital in Photo and I've wasted so much time faffing with workarounds. It's not quite enough to have me install the seven hundred and forty-five apps Adobe needle into every crevice of my system, but it's close. (Your Photo workaround doesn't achieve my desired end result.)
  14. It's a fair discount but it's very time limited so it's not upgrade pricing. Nope.
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