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  1. @loukash > "edge to edge", it's maybe another words or expression (sorry, I'm french, my english isn't always good sometimes 😅 ) By "edge to edge", I mean that the cropping is done exactly to the measurements of my selected picto, with no space around it.
  2. @loukash Thx, but the slice tool does not meet my needs, as I often need the image to be edge to edge. Thank you! That answers part of my request! Only part of it, because in my production, I also have to adjust the size often. I crop a picto, resize it to the right size, save, undo x2, and start again with another one (which can be a different size). But thanks anyway, it's a step forward already! 😀
  3. Hi @MEB! Thanks for your question. I'm posting a video as an example of a part of my workflow, it will be more meaningful (it's just an example, the file names can be different from each other, the pictos can have more varied sizes, the recordings can alternate between jpg, png and gif...) Photoshop's cropping tool is really powerful, it crops the whole document, so all layers too. A simple Cmd + Z allows you to return to the whole file and to select again an element to be cropped (Cmd + click on a layer). And unfortunately, Affinity Photo is far from matching Photoshop for this function (but only for this part! Affinity Photo is excellent otherwise! But it is this part that prevents me from using it at work). crop-photoshop.mov
  4. Hi Affinity team! In first time, I want to congratulate you for your softwares! But I have a simple request: I would like the same "crop" as in Photoshop! (Image > Crop) (It's a crop according to selection) Actually, I don't use Affinity Photo because of this one missing feature! It's a huge miss I think, as this feature saves a lot of productivity! I hope you will hear my request!
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