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  1. Here another one wasting time on google trying to find how to tilt objects... to me, looks like a basic feature, maybe is ultra complex to integrate in the app, I don't know...
  2. Hi, can you please guys add the option to export the SVG files without the serif namespaces? it doesn't pass the w3 validation, adds bytes to the file, blah blah... the only reason there is no option is for spam your product?? I have to open in a text editor every SVG I export to manually delete those Serif Namespaces, I export zillions of SVGs, and is a HUGE time consuming -- Thanks Martin for create an account in this forums and spend your time letting us know the problem that we already know but we dont want to "fix". \\ You will probably delete my posts anyway... ------ Line 4, Column 60: there is no attribute "serif:id" …ad21-48f8-ac4b-bafee752feda" serif:id="37a40573-ad21-48f8-ac4b-bafee752feda" t…
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