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  1. @MaxClass@Hangman Notes & Numbers appears to have the highlighted text on macOS 11.4 but when I checked Publisher on lots of versions and Designer on 1.10.1 it doesn't. I then looked at Designer 1.10.1 on macOS 10.12.6 and it's highlighted.

    It seems to be relevant to the OS but does not affect all apps on the OS universally. If that makes sense. I will gather up the OS's that are seeing this issue and get it logged.

  2. Thanks for the document @abra100pro I haven't been able to reproduce the crash on my iMac on macOS 11.4 using Designer 1.10.1. I did notice that I had missing fonts and I'm wondering if that could be why it didn't happen.

    The warning notifications says:

    Document Contains Missing Fonts
    Open Sans
    Open Sans

    Might be worth uninstalling the font / fonts to see if this helps. You can always install again if there is no change.

  3. HI @avo I have half reproduce this in that I can use the corner tool on one corner of my half-circle but I can't get anything on the other one. The tool is working fine on squares and triangles but I'm not having much luck on my half circle.

    How did you make your half-circle? I drew a circle, added a rectangle over it and used Subtract or Divide. This leaves me only able to modify one corner.

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