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  1. I'm with you. Save the export options as a preset would be a great solution and maybe a simple way to resolve it.
  2. Hi. Is there a way to set "all pages" on pdf export panel as default ? It would help me a lot. I couldn't find a way to do it.
  3. It would be a great feature. I'm missing this option too.
  4. Hi Sean. Yes sure. I'm sending the file right now. I really appreciate the help! Thank you so much. 184.eps
  5. Hey everyone. I'm new using Affinity softwares and would like to know how do you create a social media post image? Do you make right from AF Photo? Wich of Affinity softwares do you use? I ain't not an ilustrator, so I create my arts using sotck images. As I almost every time need to change something into the original image or vector, I like to create my arts placing these images/vectors as links. This way I using AF Publisher to create my arts. I'm excited to know how you make it. Greetings from Brazil!
  6. Hi. My AF Designer is crashing when I try to merge some curves using the Add button on top menu bar. I could do it without problems in Adobe Illustrator using the Pathfinder tool. I tried it some times and all of them I get the same problem; Designer keeps loading then just broke. Does anyone know what it is happening? Am I doing something wrong?
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