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  1. Thank you so much! I would never find it alone!
  2. Hello there. I don't know if it is really a bug or if I did something accidently... The situation is: I select some itens and group them. When I try to move the group clicking it Designer select just the item I've clicked on instead of selecting all the group (example image below). Thiw way if I try to move the group just an specific item moves whats is driving me crazy. Maybe I've accidently have activate some tool or function but I can't find what is doing it. Appreciate any help.
  3. Really appreciate your help @Dan C. I'm trying a new approuch using cloud services and seems it's all fine now. Thank you so much.
  4. I'll start to do the same. Just hope it doesn't have anything related to the Affinity apps on my iPad because I'm away from home (and my pc desktop) and lose a job will be a huge problem. Thanks for your help. Cheers
  5. Hello there. Recently I`ve bought an iPad Air 5 256gb storage to use as a secondary device (my main work is made on a Win10 PC). To access my files I'm saving'em into Google Drive. Yestarday I've created a file on Designer 2 for iPad made all the stuff my client asked and saved the file on G Drive. Later I needed to make some changes in the file on my Win10 PC but when I opened it the files was blank. I've lost all the art. The same happend a few days ago in a Publisher 2 for iPad. I've made a 8 pages newspaper, saved it and when I opened the file next day I've lost the last 2 pages I've done. Now I'm insecure ifit was a problem with the Affinity apps or with G Drive. Does anyone experienced some similar? Thank you all. Cheers from Brazil.
  6. Hello there. I'm having the same trouble in Designer and Publisher: everytime I'm trying to find a font just typing it's name both softwares crash. Have no idea what it's going on. Does anyone experiencing the same problem?
  7. Hello there. I'm searching an iPad Air 5 to work eventually, not as my main hardware since I have a good Windows desktop. Does a 64Gb handle Designer, Photo and (futurely) Publisher? Or should I buy a 256Gb? Thank you everyone.
  8. Thank you so much. I reinstalled the Huion software but the issue still occurs. Since you got the same problem in Firefox it's clear a problem with Huion. I'll try to resolve it with their support. Soon as I get an answer from them I'll share it here. Thanks again SPaceBar!
  9. Hi. Unfortunately it's still happening with all Affinity softwares, but just when I use my Huion H1161 pen tablet... If I use a mouse it work fine. The problem is that when I try to click anything (tools, panels, top menu and other HUD components of the softwares) the program don't recognize as a click... depending the tool I'm using it keeps doing that function on my artboard: for example, if I'm using the pen tool on Designer and try to click on the colors panel instead of select the panel, Designer adds a new anchor point in my artboard like the panel wasn't there... But as I said, it just happens when I'm using the Huion H1161. For now I'm using my Logitech MX Vertical mouse for the major part of my day but sometimes I need to change to the pen tablet and this issue drives me crazy. I already uninstalled the logitech software from my computer to check if the problem disappear but that wasn't the case. Hope you can help me find a solution.
  10. Normally I use a Huion H1161 or a Logitech MX Vertical. Both result on same issue
  11. This is the one I notice until now. I'm running for all Affinity softwares and my Win10 is: Edição Windows 10 Home Versão 20H2 Instalado em ‎21/‎04/‎2021 Compilação do SO 19042.1165 Experiência Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0
  12. Hello everyone. I'm having an issue while trying to change tools or panels clicking on them. I don't know why but I have to click several times until Designer (and Publisher) recognizes that I'm clicking over a new tool or panel. After clicking a lot of times it start working but if I click anything in my artboard and try to change tool/panel again it needs to be done clicking 10, 15x... It's driving me crazy. Anyone else experiencing the same?
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