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  1. Currently having the same issue..keeps hanging when trying to export
  2. @Hangman Not in tune with the engineering aspects of things. Now working on PSD files are a gamble. it will either work smoothly or it will be slow and crash the app. I just hope this is resolved. One big win for Affinity applications, you can create original files and work with psd, ai files. That is the biggest move that motivates people to actually transition to Affinity. Now if we have this slow, crashing, situation when working with psd, files, that is going to be a big loss for Affinity. I love Affinity and what it represents and its potential. Its the 'little things' like this that matter.
  3. Any update on this? this problem cuts across most psd files. It also affects and crashes Affinity Photo. I just tried working on the attached PSD file and it constantly crashes both designer and photo. I do understand not every feature is supported in Affinity but each time one opens a psd file and the app crashes. That is unbearable. I I have made the switch to Affinity and I still have tons of psd files to work with. Is affinity doing this to discourage users from using PSD files? Long Shadow Fade Bottom Left.psd
  4. @SPaceBar You can see how slow it is when working with the layers and it eventually became unresponsive. Working with PSD mockup files now are a pain to deal with. Video_21-09-13_09-07-43.mp4
  5. @Hangman 1.9 was not too bad for me, it was slow, but I was able to work with it. Working with a smart psd file (mockups specifically) 1.10 rather makes the application unresponsive and I have to 'force quit' all the time. What I have realized, If i open and save the psd as affinity design file (though it takes forever for the file to save) It works faster when it is saved as affinity file. So that tells me there is an issue with psd files.
  6. @Hangman I appreciate the response. Find attached the file. Childrens_Book_Mockup_1.psd.zip
  7. I shared about this with 1.10 update with no response. I have updated to 1.10.1 and problem still persist. Whenever I open PSD mockups files, Affinity Designer gets extremely slow and makes the application unresponsive. Would appreciate if this issue is resolved. Using iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) BigSur 11.2
  8. Hi @Sean P I will appreciate it if this is resolved. Since I updated to 1.10. opening most PSD files makes Affinity Designer unresponsive and it crashes.
  9. Opening and Saving PSD files to Affinity Designer is also extremely slow and makes the application unresponsive with 1.10. update Using iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) BigSur 11.2
  10. Thanks for your feedback Walt. Very much aware of all this. I think if the blue highlight is a bit wider as far as the width as in a bold line, I think it will be easier and efficient. I literally just practiced several times and it keeps falling to the wrong layer. its not as easy as it should be. Its always the little things that matters. I hate to compare to Photoshop or Illustrator but, its clear enough when moving layers with the big blue line. If the line can be bit bigger, it will help. THanks
  11. A little favor. I find it difficult most of the times dragging a layer on top or below a layer. 90% of the time it falls in 'group folder' rather than being on top or below. It takes a couple times for it to be right 😓. Pretty frustrating sometimes to be honest. Would appreciate it for it to more easy to drag. Makes working efficient.
  12. Thanks @loukash and @prophet I tried the AI pdf, as you suggested, still behaves the same way.. 😓
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