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  1. Check the specimen and contact the designer on the emaill at the end. He is Austrian and might be receptive to adding missing letters and chars. Btw, I see in 2.2 a kind of í with an horizontal line in between (or the forth one in the third line with an ´ on top) that is not shown in the pictures above. I'm attaching the regular font so you can check if those three chars are actually missing from the pictures or from the font. EBGaramond12-Regular.ttf
  2. For image browsing I've recently settle with ImageGlass.It can show also subfolders content and do slide shows. Other than that, you can only rotate and flip the images and select colors. No tagging or other editing, if that's what you're looking for.
  3. lmarcos

    Affinity Word?

    Another LibreOffice user here Great program for word processing with a great extension for epub export (writer2html, better output than native epub export). I can see why a WP persona can fit in since right know the only thing I'm missing a lot in Libre is page layout capabilities and a little less the collapsible content at headers level.
  4. Cardo has support for latin, greek and hebrew http://www.scholarsfonts.net/cardofnt.html With support for cyrilic alphabet you can use EB Garamond http://www.georgduffner.at/ebgaramond/design.html Can't copy what the designer says about replacement for local Serbian/Macedonian and triangular cyrillic variants, but I've attached the glyphs and the specimen for your convenience. By the way, both fonts can be downloaded from Google fonts, but there's a broader set of families for EB Garamond in Duffner's dowload page. EB Garamond Specimen.pdf
  5. For some faculties Cardo can be a good choice. It was develop with the academics on mind.
  6. Maybe your big publications are bigger than mine, since I avoid creating books with more that 200,000 thousand words or so (I usually limit print books to 5-600 pages). I haven't needed editing the text yet with more than one or two print quality illustrations added, though. But for that page count I've only run into problems with old PC processors that wouldn't even allow working with documents that large. I can agree that for texts that size the about half second lag in APub is annoying at best, but I rather have footnotes/endnotes than a fast plain text editor since I use APub for books and the working tool of choice for text editing there is the word processor, which allows to follow up changes, commenting and so on. By the way, if I were to chose another persona for Studiolink, it would be something like a full fledge LibreOffice Write persona (with the collapse content at header level from MS Office and the writer2xhtml and writer2latex extension for epub and latex export) and not a plain text editor. That would make much more sense to me for an additional Studiolink persona. A photo editor to edit photos/illustrations, a word processor to edit text and a designer tool for vector graphics (or whatever, that's the part of studiolink I have yet to play with). Actually, for fiction and some technical books I'd say a word processor with page layout capabilities is better than a page layout program with text editing capabilities, which might be better for magazines and catalogues. And I'll stay as far away as I can from installing anything remotely connected with Creative Cloud on my Windows again. It installed a lot of unwanted and unsolicited software and was pretty time consuming to get rid of all of it even with Adobe cleaning tool and Windows unistalling. PS Maybe an editable link for the default plain text editor that brings up the selected text would work for you?
  7. Just wanted to say thanks to the Affinity team for the software and it's ease of use for people like me that wanted a photo editing tool to make basic stuff with layers and RAW development. I used Photoshop Elements and Fotor in the past and was on the verge to purchase Photoshop Elements again (the version I had was pretty old). I'm glad I did because for the price of Elements I was able to purchase the three Affinity desktop apps, because I found it easy to do what I wanted to do in Photo (as compared with RawTherapee for photo development, whose UI is not as friendly), because it integrates nicely with Publisher and because it hasn't created a problem so far with the OS. Meanwhile, I have had to uninstall Adobe Bridge (installed ImageGlass instead) because coresync was creating lots of problems when restarting the PC, CC installed itself without asking, together with CameraRaw (the lens have not been removed by the uninstall, have to check if I want to keep these), the programs refuse to uninstall and I had to run the Adobe cleaner tool several times and even after uninstall of the programs there was some Adobe crap running at start up and connecting to the internet (notifications, the program they use to check if you're running one of their programs with a licence...) left behind to be manually removed. By the way, the ipad app was also relatively easy to use to make panoramas
  8. Why would you want to do text editing of books in Apub? I would say that I work with a word processor, LibreOffice in my case, and review the text there. Once it's reviewed and approved by author I copy it in Apub so that only previously uncatched typos need to be corrected. Heck, I even do text and character formatting in LO and it carries to Apub pretty nicely with a Ctrl+V (I won't dare to convert odt to .docx/rtf and import from there to Apub. I found that doesn't convert page styles to master pages anyways). Structure is one thing and styles is another. I'm quite new to Apub, but I already found the find and replace options for styles even though I'm still learning how to use them. I might be missing the footnotes, the chapter numbering options from LO, the epub export option, stuck myself with the master page starting in the wrong side on the document (I found that is a bug that is being corrected in 1-8) and would have liked to be able to combine drop caps and first word/s styling at the same time to get a first chapter paragraph with drop cap for the first letter and small caps for the rest of the word and maybe one or two additional words.
  9. What I do to get the epub files is work the text of the book in LibreOffice and export it with the writer2html extension. The output is pretty clean, which is something you cannot say of the default export filter. Of course, if the document has images, you'll need to either convert from the Apub pdf or choose if you'd rather add them manually later to the pdf or rearrange them in Apub after pasting the LO document content. Just make sure you format small caps the right way to correctly show in both APub and the epub. APub likes real small caps while most epub readers will have problems with them and opf 'specialties'. Same goes with embedded fonts, plenty of epub readers doesn't bother to use them, or will use only some but not all.
  10. I'm quite new to the Affinity products, but I can say that right now footnotes is what I'm missing most. I've seen there's already a predefined style to include them manually, which might be ok if the book only has a few footnotes and you use symbols or numbers for a single page and not sequential numbering for the whole document. I suppose endnotes would do as a kind of workaround and might be easier to implement and make some people happy.
  11. lmarcos

    Page layout

    Have you tried changing bleeding option in KDP? I had a similar issue with an image on a KDP book. The image content was inside the margins but apparently part of the background was out. I switched from no bleed to bleed and that solved the problem. Cover size will vary, though, even if the interior document is the same.

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