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  1. I believe the subject says it all. Right now, if I try to move or resize sections in Photo 1 I have to recreate them. This has only happened since I've installed Publisher 2. The files haven't been modified with Publisher 2, but I believe that's the only difference with before.
  2. Another option would be Nikon NX Studio. if you're a Nikon user. Otherwise is jpeg and tiff.
  3. Now I have some use cases for color fonts and I can't use them with Affinity. Is there any guesstimation it will be considered in a future release?
  4. It would be fine if the photos app would be available on iphone, both for use as Osvaldo mentiones and to shoot raw pictures.
  5. Shouldn't the CSS part be relatively easy? I mean, LO extensions like Writer2html from the Latex2html do it by adding the applied text styles to the css. The output problem of that css would be exactly the same as with anyother epub, limited support of certain css specs on many readers. Having a clean html would be much more difficult.
  6. Have you considered removing the background directly on Photo? You can either do it with the delete background or by selecting the silhouette and duplicating it in a new layer or something similar.
  7. Just a tip for you, LibreOffice can export directly to epub. If the output from the default export filter doesn't suit you, you can install the writer2html extension. You'll still need to tweak the css for some styles, but its output is rather clean
  8. The photo editor is Affinity Photo, and I wasn't able to find a way in the development persona to isolate an area and develop that with differente values than the main picture to recover the details on the white areas. I have to check the support forum, but wanted just to share the picture. Btw, looking at the picture now, I might be reframing it (tip for myself (; ). Which is fair, as far as opinions go. But even then, you don't learn how to use a program by only watching tutorials. For hands on learning any photo will do. And since I like the result, I share it here.
  9. Playing with the development persona and the RAW pictures taken directly with the app on the iPad, I came with this. I still have to explore how to apply a different development to a given area of the picture, but other than that, I'm pretty happy with the result. Anyways, if someone has tips to improve, they'll be quite welcomed.
  10. I have been playing yesterday with taking directly pictures from the Ipad on the AP and find the RAWs were mostly over exposed under direct sun conditions and quite different from what was shown on the preview. I don't take my entry level reflex to most sites, but I do take my ipad to some and take pictures for fun. Can you please consider adding ISO, exposure, shutter speed and WB controls for manual control? Thank you very much.
  11. Pali is copyrighted but free. It's the only one so far I have found with accented petite capitals. http://www.softerviews.org/Fonts.html Cardo is another nice one https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Cardo And Linux Libertine.
  12. CSS has come far too complex lately for people like me who only use it now and then. And without the inspector on the web browser I would have had a hard time tracking the setting I had to override, so even if Apub is limited compared to css, it's more friendly for people like me... and I'm glad it is šŸ˜‹
  13. There's at least one point in which this is not true, though it currently has glitches. It is a paragraph style with drop cap and initial words. The first letter gets the drop cap character style first and the initial words character second. And you can have underline and bold without creating a new character style as well.
  14. Try Libre Office before purchasing a Word licence. That's how it works. Regarding the comment on character styles, you can set your own ones by clicking on the +a in the menu, either the one in the picture or a different one. You can set the font, font color, font style... After fiddling around with Apub, my take is that those three are the ones that will map the default bold, italic and bold italic from any default bold, italic or bold italic you copy from other programs/documents, and only if you have the three styles for the given font. Regarding paragraph styles, there is a no style (which is using arial font and I don't know how to change), a base style build over that and then body /body text build on top and equivalent to body text in word/Libre Office. Normal would be equivalent to Default Style. If you want body text to modify when normal is modified you need to manually link it to normal, because both are based on base style by default.
  15. Have you tried taking a look at the help? It has loads of information about what can be done with it. Just in case you overlooked that option.
  16. Not sure if I understand you, because if you select file -> print you have the option to get a document printed with crop marks, which by the way, is the only way I've managed to get the double page images to spread on the bleed in the pdfs so regardless of whether the cut is a bit off there won't be problems with it. @Patrick Connor shouldn't the images on the pdf ready print file also behave that way?
  17. Thank you very much, Walt. I was right clicking on the page and nothing appeared. Never thought about that option.
  18. Eso lo tienes que poner en el menĆŗ de texto, corrector ortogrĆ”fico (casi abajo del todo) y seleccionar revisar la ortografĆ­a mientras se escribe. En el panel preflight de la versiĆ³n 1.8 aparecen tambiĆ©n los errores de ortografĆ­a seƱalados.
  19. Hola: Entra en Editar estilo de texto: Base (yo accedo desde el panel de la derecha). Pincha con el botĆ³n derecho y edĆ­talo. La sexta opciĆ³n de la columna de la izquierda es idioma.
  20. I mean, one ereader shows font:smcp small caps but not font-style:small-caps, other readers do exactly the same and some show not one of them. Capitular letters are even worse, but at least you can carry over if you create a character style and then edit the css to at least have a bigger initial letter. Regarding the embedded fonts, some readers used the embedded font, some used a defaultfont taken from somewhere, but certainly not the embedded font and a few used the embedded fonts. We tested Apple ebook reader, Kobo, Kindle, Aldiko, Calibre, Sigil and some others. My idea of a perfect world would be that a correctly formatted and epubcheck validated epub should render the same in all readers, the same that happens with pdf. And then, if you find some font more confortable to read, you switch it. But most people weren't even aware of having set a default font on their reader to override the book's font.
  21. My thoughts on the epub export option as of today: It would be ok for regular books with uncomplicated layout and formatting, without endnotes & footnotes (Apub doesn't support those yet). It's not ok if you start having more complex formatting or layout, like bilingual editions with one page in one language and one page in another. To keep that parallel reading, a table might work best for an epub, but tables have limitations when there are readers ranging from smaller than 5" screens mobiles to 13" tablets or above with PCs and I'm trying to avoid them after the results with my latest epub with tables (I wasn't able to make one column fixed width and the other variable). Another issue is the lack of capabilities in ebook readers and mobile apps to read epubs to render formating correctly. I own a board and run a test a while ago showing people a pdf with the thing as it should have been shown on their readers and the epub with the needed embedded fonts. Things like capital letters and small caps were all over the place with 0 consistency between apps. Open type support was lacking in most readers. Even with embedded fonts, those weren't being used by the vast majority of readers, which where switching to their default fonts for serif and sans serif instead. And the readers that did read correctly are used mostly as epub editors and/or a kind of library organizer and conversion tool to send to another reader (Calibre and Sigil). Somebody a while ago told me this was not his problem, but the readers, and that he wasn't changing the way he worked. Well, I don't agree with him and I'm trying to simplify book formating to have readers to have a consistent experience with the books regardless of the reader or app they're using. By the way, if the epub output is to be so crappy as inDesign, I'd rather not have it. Cleaning the mess afterwards was a nightmare. And I'm already bugging LibreOffice support so they convert properly instead of following the InDesign way. To no avail, I must say, but fortunately for me the Latex developers updated their writer2html extension to be 6.x compatible. Unfortunately, they have already said they're not going to update that in the future. So I'd rather have first and foremost the native endnotes & footnotes capabilities than a partial html export capability.
  22. Since footnotes are not supported, I'm generating the pdfs directly from LibreOffice and importing them to Apub to correctly position the images. Some of these images are double page. Is there a way to import the pdf as spreads and not as single pages? If there isn't, is there a work around other than pasting the image twice (or halved) showing half on one page and half on the other, maybe a little more to account for book thickness? Thanks
  23. @Petar Petrenko, I was looking for bold small caps and came across one other font mentioning specifically serbian and macedonian and I remembered this thread. https://www.1001fonts.com/libra-serif-modern-font.html Not sure if Liberation Serif, which is the font used by LibreOffice and is mentioned also in the description has support for macedonian.
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