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    ClarityDynamic reacted to Smee Again in Where do I find INSPIRATION   
    After "Help Wanted", i would "Competent Landscaper Needed."
    Contact info on leaf might work, but lose the flame. Wpn't work unless you're planning to have it burned down.
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    ClarityDynamic reacted to Smee Again in Fresh Out The Shower   
    $99.00 Nikon L340 for this shot.
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    ClarityDynamic reacted to velarde in Product Design   
    Just wanted to share this quick design made with Affinity Designer.
    Had an old line of products done with Photoshop and Illustrator. https://www.totalfix.com.mx But now migrating the workflow to Affinity products for Packaging, Branding and promotional materials. Brochures, posters, business cards, etc.
    By the way, the Client was looking over the shoulder as I did some adjustments and asked about what software I was using. Had some time to do a little evangelizing of the Affinity Line,. He was happy with the results.

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    ClarityDynamic reacted to gabriel_komorov in Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)   
    Too many fonts! Try  reducing to 2-3 fonts (including styles, header can be treted as logo, so it doesn't count). If you need more emphasis on something use rather color or size instead of another font While background image is pretty it has very vague connection with content. Not really criticism here, just observation. Colors are very aggresive and not really fitting togheter - they make something I call visual puke  If you struggle with palette, there's a lot of  online tools which will help you Margins, aligments etc. - why text about competition is far closer to edge than icons on left? Same goes for top and bottom, and few other places Be consistent - if you decide that background for text frames is green, use same green for most of them. Reserve different color for something special, that should pop Text kerning, spacing, leading, size - Well... it's wrong in too many places. Let's just say that "justify  all" isn't always best solution. Also pink titles on left - remove line break in top one. It's just one place, and disturbs spacing in whole block. General advice is to stick with established rules  and be consistent - use same style for all similiar elemnts.
    And remember - rules can be broken to achieve extraordinary results, bu ONLY if you master working within their limits first
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    ClarityDynamic reacted to blacknight in Girls who wear glasses - Affinity Photo   
    Woman photo from pixabay. Three photoshop brushes that I imported into AP. A texture from Deep Dream. Topaz Studio adjustments

    images from pexels - a few imported PS brushes - topaz studio adjustments

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    ClarityDynamic got a reaction from Kasper-V in Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)   
    I’ve watched a photoshop tutorial where the lady made a very realistic magazine cover. I’m sure she had a lot of trial and error, the one you made is good format 
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