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  1. Thank you, thank you and thank you again for implementing ‘select same ...’ It doesn't seem to work well on text yet: applying ‘select same fill colour‘ to text results in selecting all text, no matter which colour. Applying the same to an object, results in a selection of all object with the same fill colour (hooray!), but ignores text with the same colour. Although I can see an advantage in the latter, I would like to be able to select all text with the same colour.
  2. Genügt es nicht das Nullpunkt in die Mitte zu stellen? Doppelseitige Aufmachung ist ja oft gespiegelt.
  3. The section manager panel is only useful to look up at which page a section begins, at the moment. Then use Document menu > Go to page... to jump to that page. Assigning a keyboard shortcut to that menu item speeds up the process somewhat. Still, I'm convinced we'll have a clickable section manager panel some day.
  4. Yes, I tried in 1.8.3 and beta Both gave the same result. Same thing in a new file and with different AfPhoto file. Freshly made example attached. test123.zip
  5. I have a picture frame containing a placed jpeg. After replacing the image with an Affinity Photo file using the resource manager – the picture frame doesn’t respond to ‘Picture Frame Properities‘ under the ‘Properties‘ button in the context tool bar; – the ‘Size Picture Frame to Content’ button is greyed out; – the picture frame shows the two diagonal cross lines like an empty picture frame. Having replaced the image with an Affinity Photo file using the ‘Replace Image’ button in the context tool bar the picture frame behaves as expected. Using the resource manager to replace the image with another jpeg of tiff doesn't result in this behaviour. AfPub 1.8.3 and beta, MacOS Mojave
  6. Ran into the same problem today, text wrap setting just didn‘t work. Text wrap of placed AfPhoto file set to ‘Jump’; “Ignore Text Wrap’ in text frame settings off. The other placed AfPhoto file with same text wrap settings on the same page wrapped jus fine. The solution I found is to just click Text > Text Wrap > Edit Wrap Outline in the menu and text wrapping jumped to the desired shape. Can't explain what happened, but I‘m glad it did. That's beta meanwhile.
  7. In the free version you can ‘save as > idml’ and ‘export > document > idml’. I've only been playing around with the – somewhat crippled – free version of Vivadesigner. Never used it for a project, so never got the commercial version.
  8. Or have a look at this: Viva Designer Even the free version opens indd (and idml) files and exports idml.
  9. I'm going for manually removing the extra lines in the toc. Thanks for looking into this.
  10. A hard return? Between the number and the text? But that would result in two entries in the toc, wouldn't it? First line with only the number, second line with only the text, as we then have two paragraphs. Or do I misunderstand?
  11. Do you mean it doesn't fit? It fits here, but only just at closer inspection. Have made the frame higher. Still a work in progress.
  12. Hi Gabe No returns used, only a regular space. Project file (truncated) attached. 93-Pe4 kopie.afpub
  13. Yes, that would be the anwer! Just store the complete heading in one text frame. That is not going to work as I have started a new texts flow with each chapter. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
  14. In a document I'm working on, the chapter heading consists of a number and a title. The number is placed in a separate, linked text frame. Number and title are within the same paragraph. In the table of contents this results in two entries, the first including the number, the second without. Deleting the text frame containing only the number – which moves the number into the main text frame – results in only one entry in the TOC.
  15. I too miss this OPTION/ALT feature. As I mostly hold a wacom pen instead of a mouse, I have assigned the pan/scroll feature to one of the pen buttons. Works fine, but pressing the alt key is just more comfortable than using one of the pen buttons.
  16. I have no problems when renaming a layer via right click > properties.
  17. I stumbled over this problem in Designer, so it's not just a Publisher inadequacy.
  18. The same thing happenes when double tapping on trackpad (no peripherals connected).
  19. It occurs using pen or mouse. But fortunately not every time.
  20. I'm on a Macbook Pro, mid 2015 with MacOS 10.14 Mojave. Mostly with an external Apple keyboard, Apple mouse and Wacom Bamboo tablet attached. All wired.
  21. Well, ChristiduToit, you're not the only one. I have experienced the same as you described. Nothing serious, but anoying, though. (High Sierra and Mojave)
  22. As far as I remember, I didn't change the dpi. I pretty sure I didn't. I have meanwhile experienced more or less the same behaviour in the same document, different text, when the preceding (empty) paragraph still had the imported MS Word paragraph style assigned. After changing the paragraph style of this paragraph to a style defined in APub, the following paragraph behaved normally.
  23. Hi My screen recording. You'll see that in the pages panel the original page remains selected and therefore pressing cmd + 0 jumps back to the original page. This occurs not only in the current beta, also in the 1.8.3 retail version. jump.m4v
  24. When using the zoom tool by pressing cmd + spacebar and then clicking to zoom in, Publisher jumps to another page (and zooms in). After choosing the zoom tool from the toolbox, everything works as expected. I have ‘scubby zoom’ disabled. With ‘scrubby zoom’ enabled, it also works as expected.
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