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    iDoc reacted to evtonic3 in Wood Styles   
    New little set. Playing again.

    Wood Styles.afstyles.zip
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    iDoc reacted to Chris Van Cleve in Dream Styles Volume 2   
    I was bored so I converted more of my old styles over to Affinity format. Hope you enjoy them!
    Find this and more at https://dscape-llc.com/affinity

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    iDoc reacted to paolo.limoncelli in DAUB Mosaic   
    Well... (update...)

    A set of 6 simple stupid tools to vent your obsessive-compulsive disorder  :lol:
    These brushes offer a ramp shaped to jitter hues and luminosity of the colour you're painting with.
    Download here
    Happy mosaic!
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    iDoc reacted to 00Ghz in Eclipse Icon Pack - Now FREE   
    Hi guys,
    I decided to make my icon pack free. I am busy with my startup and don’t have time nor interest to improve this further. 
    Hope it comes useful to you.
    Eclipse - Icon Pack.afdesign
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    iDoc reacted to budaloco in 960 grids with constraints for Designer 1.5   
    Hi guys! I needed to create a custom design for a Brand manual and I was struggling with the fact that there's no layout grid option like sketch. So I decided to download the illustrator templates of the 960.gs grid system and adapt it to affinity designer using the constraints (so no matter how wide your artboard is, the grid will always strech porportionally). Hope you find this as useful as me.
    You've got three files:
    12 column layout 16 column layout 24 column layout Happy designing!
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    iDoc reacted to cryanweb in Background Styles for Affinity Designer   
    Some Background styles that I created from a seamless image collection I had.

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    iDoc reacted to Chris Van Cleve in Dream Styles   
    So, I fell in love with Affinity after about an hour of playing with it. I bought it and started bringing my favorite assets over from Photoshop and Illustrator, including some styles I have been using for years on my web projects. I thought perhaps others could use them too, so here they are with a bonus set of sticker styles.
    Enjoy if they're of interest to you. 
    UPDATE: New version 2.0! This time the gradients and strokes are tool editable. No more trips to the Effects Panel. This gives better and easier control of the styles.
    BONUS: By request, 4 atmosphere styles. Included is the AD file with all styles applied for you to play with. Will likely only open in the latest beta. Sorry.
    BONUS: Dream Metals styles! Aluminum, Gold, and Copper.

    Find these and more at https://dscape-llc.com/affinity
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