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Affinity Publisher for Windows - 1.7.2

Patrick Connor

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We are pleased to announce a major update for the Windows release of Affinity Publisher, version 1.7.2

Changes in this Build

The changes in Affinity Publisher for Windows 1.7.2 (over the last release Affinity Publisher 1.7.1) are as follows:

Spread Setup

  • Grids can now be set up independently for different spreads or master spreads. Spread grids now taken from applied master unless overridden.
  • Grid Gutters re-instated.


  • Fixes issues reparenting when dragging selections between spreads
  • Fixed issue with Vector Crop tool creating multiple crops under some circumstances
  • Fixed possible crash after cancelling multiple image placement
  • Fixed performance issues with 'Lock Children' in some instances
  • (Win) Fix for issue using drag/drop to open the same file twice


  • Words with soft hyphens can now be added to the spelling dictionary correctly
  • Fix for Hyperlinks not exporting if intersecting page bounds
  • Fixed text entry issues with US International Keyboard
  • Fixed copy / paste from MSWord not always selecting RTF format
  • Fixed issues with drag / drop and Master Page text
  • Fixes for pinning / unpinning objects within Master Page text
  • Fixes for Pinned objects and Path Text
  • Text wrapping performance improvements
  • Text wrapping around other Text Frames now honours z-order
  • Text wrapping fixed for thin lines
  • Apostrophes causing spelling errors / auto-correct issues
  • Fixed issue preserving fields, index marks etc when correcting spelling
  • Text Style Editor fixes
  • Fix for some fonts not showing underline / strikeout
  • List of used font families for current document does not refresh automatically
  • Fix to prevent creation of 'ghost' pinned objects leading to possible document corruption
  • Fixed issues with Edit Text Style / Bullets and Numbering panel
  • Fixed crash rendering Text Styles panel with large right indent
  • Fixed crash breaking path text curve for open curves
  • Fixed error copy / pasting Text Styles that could cause crash
  • Overlapping text frames now respect Ignore text wrap when wrapping around each other
  • Fix for Optical Alignment ignoring Tabs
  • Text selection highlight no longer includes generated list text
  • Fixed bug that could fail to apply OpenType features near end of line
  • Changing letter spacing now splits ligatures correctly
  • Fix for issue unpinning pinned nodes in pinned nodes
  • Fixed Pinned Node status not updating correctly when changed on Master Page
  • Fixed positioning issues when unpinning nodes
  • Hyphenation fixes
  • (Win) Fixed Text Style Editor Category Selection issue introduced in last beta
  • (Win) Fix for changing font size if text selection contains a pinned image
  • (Win) Text Styles Panel - hyphenation setting is not reflected correctly
  • (Win) Font handling improvements, new fonts not recognised if many fonts installed, instability when installing a missing font
  • (Mac) Fixes for Japanese input using IME


  • Fixes issues resizing table cells from Table Panel
  • Fixed layout issues in Table Format panel
  • Fixed crash selecting tables on different pages
  • Fixed issues with table growing when copy and pasting between table cells

Pages / Sections / TOC

  • Fixed crash from two differing definitions of default TOC style name
  • Fixed document sections drifting when the the document model was changed
  • Master pages creation was incorrect after changing the document model to single pages
  • Fixed issue updating page thumbnails in some cases


  • Linked Image previews were not colour managed in Resource Manager
  • Replacing a linked image with an embedded document could move the object
  • Fix for failure to reload linked resources correctly under some circumstances
  • Fix for slower performance with Resource Manager open
  • Linked resources were always updating when a document was re-opened
  • Fix for 'Locate missing resources' on file open failing
  • Replace image was always creating a linked resource
  • Resource Manager was showing incorrect image size for some stock images
  • (Win) Allow .icm profiles as well as .icc - they are the same thing

Import / Export

  • Fix for failure to load colour in certain SVGs causing crash
  • Export to PDF of a previously opened PDF could channel invert JPEG images
  • Fixed 'Preview export when complete' applicable for PDF only
  • Added TGA export support
  • DocX import using File > Place was ignoring styles if no frame previously selected
  • Other DocX import fixes for specific files
  • PDF Import fixes for specific files
  • PDF Export - Date format in Info now locale dependent
  • Bleed control moved to 'More' options or removed for export formats where it is less relevant
  • PDF Import: Improved Font Substitution suggestions when opening PDFs etc
  • PDF and Vector Export: Fixed issue with Embedded Documents and Adjustments
  • PDF Export: Fixed Bleed not being saved in export profiles
  • PDF Export: Fix for unwanted clipping when text nodes exported 'as selection'
  • PDF Export: Fixed export of non-breaking hyphens
  • PDF Export: Avoid font preflight warnings when embedding TrueType CIDFonts
  • PDF Export: Web preset now embeds all fonts. Many browsers don't support ligatures unless the font is embedded and so render incorrectly.
  • (Win) WMF import fix for specific file
  • (Win) Custom print profile not saving/restoring all settings


  • Fix for Empty Picture Frames being erroneously output to Print
  • (Win) Fixed occasional crash when printing
  • (Mac) Fixed issue printing CMYK documents on older OSX e.g. Yosemite 10.10.
  • (Mac) Typing '0' in Pages under Range and Scale in Print dialog causes crash
  • (Mac) Tiled and N-Up options in Print dialog can't be directly edited

StudioLink / Interop

  • Implemented 'Edit in Publisher' for Designer and Photo
  • (Win) Photo - Creating a mask from selection now accounts for bleed settings


  • Find and Replace with Paragraph style was only applying style to found text rather than whole paragraph
  • Fix for ArtText not showing as selected if no fill is applied
  • Help updates
  • Translation updates
  • (Win) Pantone categories are now alphabetically sorted.
  • (Win) Asset names are no longer cut off in list view
  • (Win) Object styles are no longer missing labels when using Grid View
  • (Mac) Page outlines not always visible with white pasteboard
  • (Mac) Fixed crash starting app from folders containing '/'

This thread is for commenting on this announcement. Please do not post bugs or problems that you find when using this version of the software in this thread, instead make a new thread in the Publisher Bugs on Windows section and questions about usage go in the Desktop Questions forum.

UPDATING TO THIS VERSION (Free for existing customers)

The software version can be seen on the splash screen and the About dialog (in Help > About Affinity Publisher).

If you’ve purchased from the Affinity Store— each time you start the Affinity Store software it will check for updates and offer any available update. The latest update will install over the top of any earlier version, with no need to uninstall. You can download the latest installer by logging into the affinity store here and find the order in your account and use the "Download" button in there. Alternatively, this new release (and previous versions of Affinity Publisher for Windows) can be downloaded from this link (that installer is NOT for Windows Store purchases and needs a product key).

If you’ve purchased from the Microsoft Store— Microsoft Store updates are done automatically by the operating system (each time you start the application). If this does not happen for you, open the Windows Store app and click the three dots in the top right corner of the app and then go to Downloads and Updates. Click Get Updates. This should hopefully force the update to show.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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  • Staff

All Readers

Please do not report bugs in this announcement thread. 

All bugs in Affinity Publisher for Windows need to go here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/82-publisher-bugs-found-on-windows/

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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Bye bye Adobe inDesign / Photoshop / Illustrator ... We'll never meet again.
Hello afinity range ....... THE best thing in the design and publishing market since Aldus PageMaker 1.2 ( ..... yes I'm that old)

Keep up his outstanding work guys !!!




(desktop publisher and designer since 1979 in the Netherlands)

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  • Staff


Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums :) and thanks for all the positivity.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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