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  1. Hi, If you haven't found another solution, perhaps this will help you: Create a new folder and name it, for example, my-fonts. Open the supplied fonts folder in File explorer and type .ttf in the Search field. A list of all fonts appears. Now at the top of the File explorer click on the tab View and choose the best display size, eg Large. Select the fonts you like from the list and copy them to the new 'my-fonts' folder so you can install them in bulk.(that's not my original idea, I just noticed this option in a bulk installation) Regards, Swat
  2. So far, I'm just looking around, so the nuances in the new version of Designer don't tell me much - but I'm very happy when the software creator cares about his product and user satisfaction. All the best! Swat
  3. Just for those who care - a few minutes ago I finally put my old Xara Xtreme in a drawer and bought Affinity Designer. I haven't tested the Designer for too long, but I believe I made the right choice. Swat
  4. I am one of them, the 30 day deadline is a great attraction for me, but this your offer sounds very good, thank you for the information.
  5. Very sorry, I am now choosing between more graphics programs and apparently losing a "bit" overview. I probably didn't choose the empty pumpkin in my avatar by accident. Swat
  6. Hi, when I installed Affinity Designer a few days ago (August 8), I took the opportunity to get a 30 day trial (after registration). Everything looked good, but then I downloaded a trial of Affinity Photo and now that I launch Designer I get a "4 Days left" message. Is it somehow related, or have I made a mistake? Thank you for your help. Swat
  7. Dear Pšenda, thank you for your feedback. I also recognize that my idea is not entirely appropriate here, because the user has a rich choice. But as a genuine amateur at least now I want to confine myself to just one product. I hope I make the right choice when I'll choose Designer. I welcome your advice. Affinity Photo is already downloaded and I have successfully converted the picture of the bridge into pen drawing Swat
  8. @Pšenda Thank you for guidance, I will download the Photo version. So far I've only tried all on Designer, but on examples for Photo. The simpler examples are going well. By the way, I'm from the Ústí Region Swat
  9. @Patrick Connor Thank you for the welcome I understand your explanation, just trying to identify the differences between the two versions - they have a lot in common, that's why I thought of it with Patches. I am looking for a graphic tool in which to create characters for cartoon animator 4 pipeline, originally I wanted to upgrade from my old version of Xara Xtreme to Xara Designer Pro X. Now I have found Affinity and I will probably stay there. Swat
  10. Hi Patrick, I am using the trial version of Affinity Designer so far and following the instructions on youtube I tried to convert a color picture into line art. The original procedure was designed for Affinity Photo, but initially it looked like the same thing. Then I came across the missing "New Live Filter Layer" option, which only contains the Photo version. So I want to ask if your great programmers are not considering giving this (and similar) nice features in the form of paid patches? Just as a subject for thought, I really like Designer. Swat
  11. Hi everyone, my name is Swat, I live in Czech Republic and I am new to Affinity. I worked as a freelance programmer and computer technician, now I'm retired. I like photography and 3D printing and maybe 1000 other things I look forward to learning how to use Affinity Designer, and I hope to find more ideas on this forum. Swat
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