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Suggest you increase price and boost development

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I'd happily pay more ($80 per app, $63 on sale is still cheaper than Adobe) if it meant Serif could develop their DAM quicker. I'd also suggest: prioritising a desktop DAM over a tablet Publisher–desktop publishing is better done on a desktop.

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don't mind paying twice the current price for each of your products

Or keep the price the same, but add subscription option for separate products and the entire suit. Personally, I am still on the fence. When/if Serif adds a web builder, I'd buy the web builder and Publisher immediately, maybe photo as well. If office subscription is available by that time, I'd rather buy the entire suite subscription.

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For anyone who works on both Windows and Mac, the price is already effectively double.  The whole suite for both platforms is currently just short of £300, so doubling the cost of each product on each platform would take it close to £600.  I think many individuals and small businesses would have to think carefully about that, particularly if paid upgrades were to become more frequent.

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You have to understand that they're a small company, they don't have many developers. Even if they increase prices, it won't lead to boosted development.

What I also think is that they might be delaying some features for version 2.0, so just be patient a little bit.

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