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  1. I'm using ctrl+K shortcut very often. It does the same. It's quite handy to know it.
  2. Kris T

    New Icons - PLEASE DON'T!

    Agree! I'm huge fan of the Affinity's "old" icons (they don't look old at all ). I don't like the new icons style. They look plain and oldschool.
  3. Guys, please, this is the most annoying thing in Affinity products. If I want to export a file, the default folder is always last location I saved previous file in, not the location of specific project I'm exporting. This causes total havoc as I'm working on different projects for different clients, all scattered in different folders. Each time I export a file I need to jump through folders to get to the current project location. Affinity is the only software I know that saves files this way. This is terrible UX.