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  1. Should Serif decide to go to the Web, they might want to have a look at https://www.brizy.cloud/. It's still job in progress at this time, but looks very promising. P.S. Still missing WebPlus though.
  2. don't mind paying twice the current price for each of your products Or keep the price the same, but add subscription option for separate products and the entire suit. Personally, I am still on the fence. When/if Serif adds a web builder, I'd buy the web builder and Publisher immediately, maybe photo as well. If office subscription is available by that time, I'd rather buy the entire suite subscription.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. Still, it appears that solutions used in Publisher can be re-used for text editing in the web app. Image resizing solutions from Photo can be re-used for image resizing in the web app, etc. It's not like building from the ground up. And with all difficulties in the coding, the GUI's can be very similar. It matters a lot when switching platforms. Anyway, let's wait and see. In the mean time I am sticking to Wordpress.
  4. I don't expect web publishing and desktop publishing formats to be compatible, but GUI can be very similar. The reason I mentioned them together is that, I hope, that large chunks of code can be re-used. Also, many decisions, like GUI, have already been made. I hope that Serif won't get involved in feature chasing. They should remember 20/80 rule. 20% of efforts/resources delivers 80% of results. Don't try to please everybody, esp. bloggers. Let them use Wordpress. Just have a good showcase to show what the software can do and what the limits are. Adaptive/responsive claims by others are mostly deceptive. "Responsive" WordPress, for example, expects users to use cache to save static pages once they have been generated for the first visitor. So, let's generate them in advance and we wouldn't need SuperCache plugins.. All that matters these days is the page width. The length no longer matters. There's no such a thing as above or below the fold.
  5. Hi Alfred, In another thread that was started after this one, so it's fairly recent, Patrick said: "We are not working on a Web developing tool, but we have not ruled one out." I am hoping that after Publisher is out, the next project might be exactly that - web developing tool. At least it makes sense. PagePlus was so similar to WebPlus that I bought PP almost immediately after getting WP. There was virtually no additional learning curve. I might wait a bit. I hope that history repeats itself. Besides I need a photo editing program too. Would be another learning curve to avoid. I had all three of them in Serif version.
  6. I feel like I keep kicking a dead horse. Anyway, one more time. >And visual web building tools are generally meant for small static web presences only anyway. This is exactly what I keep begging about. When I used webplus for my own business site, I had the home page PR4. One more page (the most important for me) also had PR4. And a couple of other pages had PR3. Some of us been around long enough to remember PR. I knew exactly where to put keywords, tags, how to direct link juice, etc. AND I DIDN'T NEED TO KNOW CSS, HTML, WHATEVER. Now I have a morass made of Wordpress, theme, Elementor, dozen of plugins, gadgets, etc. I DON'T NEED THEM ALL. I VAGUELY UNDERSTAND NOW WHAT I AM DOING. SERIF, PLEASE, GIVE ME BACK MY STATIC PAGES. The only plugin that I used back then was amazing Statcounter. It would give me each visitor's path. Page by page. For each visitor I knew exactly what was the search phrase, where the visitor landed on my site, where the visitor left my site. I could see if the visitor found what he was searching for and how much time he spent reading each page. I discovered so many mistakes in my site with Statcounter. And I didn't need to know HTML, CSS etc. Serif had an option in the menu to insert the code. As simple as that. Now Google shoves upon me its Google Analytics which is nothing more than shredded statistics not telling me anything at all. Google Analytics is good for developers to impress clients. It's totally useless for people like myself. These days Google separates local small business sites from the rest of the crowd. It treats local sites completely differently. I am talking about GMB. Some of those business at the top of the search results have very rudimentary sites, basically a few static pages. and they made it to the top. Google uses completely different set of criterias for local sites. We don't need HTML, CSS, blog. And there are millions of us. By the way, I knew things started going wrong way for webplus when Serif tried to introduce blog in webplus. Anyway, as a part of the Affinity package, a simple web site builder would be well worth the investment. It would attract back many old users and bring new ones. Serif, can you hear me?
  7. > It's possible to have a few versions of static pages Actually it's being done anyway. First you build "responsive" wordpress site. Then they tell you to enable cache that saves static pages. Why don't we provide static pages from the very beginning just like webplus does? A new web builder wouldn't need a blog with all that posts vs pages stuff. In webplus I had a NEWS page. Whenever I had an occasional blurb to share, I'd put it at the top of the page. Exactly what blogs do without all the complexity of the underlying software. This is more than enough for the most of the users. Not everybody is a "prolific" blogger, influencer, etc. Again, it's not about Webplus vs Wordpess or whatever. This is about a product that does not exist in the market and would be in demand. Just KISS and "they will come". P.S. XARA has just as many 1 star reviews as 5 stars.
  8. WebPlus was not meant for web developers. It was not used by pro developers. It was for a small business owners that needed a web site without being ripped (raped) by crooks with no skills. These days abuse is much worse than it was in 2010 when I bought my first webplus. >multitude of browsers and screen types Chrome is enough. It will cover more than 90% of the market. Even Microsoft switched to Chrome these days. As for the screens - the page length is no longer important. Scrolling down is expected. As for the width - a page doesn't need to be wider than 1000px or narrower than say 700px. It's possible to have a few versions of static pages in that range and serve pages according to the screen width of the visitor. I believe one of the hosts (Wix or Weebly) does exactly that. They even build everything inside browser window. And they have millions of happy users. Granted, not the top of design art. But it let millions of people to be free from abuse. And they are happy with look of their sites. Another thing about Affinity web builder. It would make the suit of tools much more complete. After buying wp4, I bought every following ver of webplus and pageplus after that. Also, I bought photo and draw programs some versions. Again, IMO there is a place for a desktop web builder, esp. as a part of the suit.
  9. Would love to see a web builder similar to WebPlus. I discovered WP at ver 4, I believe. After that I had every ver of WP and PP. Also, I bought, if my memory serves me right, DrawPlus and Photoplus. Great products, but I got hooked up on WP. There was nothing like that on the market. Still, nothing like WP exist today on the market. No nonsense Drug-and Drop WYSIWYG on the desktop. Make it on your computer, upload and the site will run and run fast. No security worries, no plugins, no databases. A blast from the past, indeed.
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