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Vanishing bleed Designer

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If you switch between tabs, objects in the bleed area disappear, even though bleed visibility is on.
You have to turn off the visibility of the bleed and turn it on again so that the objects are visible again in the bleed area.
This needs to be improved. I present it in animation.



And the same is if I change the workspace on Artboard. Objects in the bleed area also disappear, even though the visibility of the bleed is checked in the menu.




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When using artboards, elements in the bleed area are invisible, regardless if I switch show bleed on or off. I suspected it had something to do with clip to canvas, but this option is not accesible (greyed out)

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I was going to enter a new topic... ARTBOARDS: on top of the lack of visible bleeds, I have found that Designer Beta won't output spot color when the document is set up using art boards! I want to be able to have multiple boards and be able to use the pasteboard (areas outside of the art board itself) ad be able to output spot colors. Works perfectly fine as a one canvas (non art board document)

NOTE: I have found that Publisher works a lot better in these areas, will these things get tidied up for designer? or is your intention for Publisher to become the central application with Photo and Designer feeding to that, much as the Adobe trio of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator?


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