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Batch Job: Cannot Drag and Drop !

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Hello Team
I don't know if this is a bug or something else as i didn't worked with the batch function before but i've found that it is not possible to drag & drop photos from the Finder to the Batch Job window.
it is only possible to put files there by clicking add and selecting desired files.
if it is a bug Please Fix (it will make life even easier)
if it is a missing feature then sorry for posting here (i just hope you will make it happen)

Blessings !

Never be the Same Again !
Dell Optiplex 3020M 
Intel Core i5-4590T @2.00GHz with 12GiB 1333 MHz DDR3
Intel HD 4500 Series
Windows 11 Pro N x64 21H2 + LibreOffice 7.3.5

My well suited Set of Apps [Production only]
* Affinity Suite [Designer + Photo + Publisher]
* Camtasia 2022 + CorelDraw Technical Suite 2022 + Blender 3.4.0 Alpha

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I have the same complaint about the "merge" dialogs such as New Focus Merge.  They start with a big happy box in which you could easily drop files. But if I have to click Add, I have to navigate back to a folder I already see in the other window, and have to find and select the exact same images I was thinking about before.

Support Drag and Drop.


[Sorry, I just realized this is a Beta-specific forum, which I found with a search. This can be moved wherever appropriate.]

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Hi Uncle Mez, Ed Halley,
This is not a bug but an improvement request. The app wasn't designed/coded to accept files from Finder on batch job, focus merge and similar dialogs. Thread moved to Feature Requests section.

@Ed Halley
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

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I agree with the Drag & Drop to Focus Merge.  I use this feature a lot and have to go through sub-folders to "Add" the images I'm already looking at.  What is especially frustrating is that AP doesn't remember the last folder I pulled from, so the folder hunt starts all over again when I Focus Merge the next collection from the camera.

I really love Affinity Photo and hope to see Drag & Drop to the Focus Merge window.  I can Drag & Drop photos to the main window, but that creates new tabs for each image.


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+1 ! I use batch a lot and it's a pain to manually navigate folders, especially when the images are in different locations.

Affinity Photo 2.0.4 for Windows  OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 ver. 22H2  CPU: AMD Ryzen 7950X 16-core  RAM: 64 GB DDR5-6400  GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 3090 Suprim X 24GB / driver 526.98  NVMe SSD Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB  Monitors: 2x Eizo ColorEdge CS2420 24"

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