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Tom Schülke

Macro to work arround missing important shortcut, Fails !!

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Hi Serfif..

This could also be posted in the affinity photo section , but i tried it with the beta and also the standart photo...   so ill post it here...


As i allready mentioned, for professional work on BIG compositings, as you do it all the time in architectural ore Rendering work , you need to compose dozens and hundreds of layers in some cases..   So you all the time need to select many layers, and put corrections on top for all of them at once..   Soo what you need to do is to select their pixelmask very often.. additive ! or to deselect from a mask , because something in the layerstack is above...

in Photoshop this is done at the blink of an eye...   just select the layer,  press    strg+shift.   click on the icon of the layer and the selection gets selected additive ore gets substracted from an existing selection... !!!     in affinity this is horribly slow..  you cant add a selection by shortcut...  you have to create a sparechannel layer by layer, and after this select them one by one and add them to a pixelselection..   this is so timeconsuming, the architects in my company are killing me for this one missing shortcut.. 

so i tried to ease the pain by creating a macro.. which ...   fails..     in adding to  an existing selection..   


so my wish is twofold..   fix the macroglitch...   but by far more important,  add this one so important shortcut to the layermanager...   PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.. 

You will find the macro i created and also a pdf showing what i want to do and how i tried to achieve it with the macro at the bottom of this post..  

macro fail.pdf

layer add pixelselections.afmacro

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Hallo MEB  Sorry, i didnt see your answer earlier..

exactly..  Please Please Please...  this is such an important Shortcut. When you work in big documents, this smal shortcuts to add layermasks, or to subtract them ore mix..   are one of those shortcuts, you desperatly need to work fast..


In Architectural Visualisation you have to deal with dozens of layers that are mixed, grouped combined..   and often you have to aply masks ore effects to many of them at once.  having this shortcut would improove usability of Affinity for my company very very much. And i am sure for everyone else too.

Please implement this in the 1.7..     it should be done ease wouldnt it ?


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Hallo MEB,  is there allready someone working on this very simple but totaly nessesair Shortcut, that could boost your Software a great step ahead ?      Such a smal thing with such a workflowimpact...    :D

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Andy Somerfield...

Yeeees...  you make my day...   


Understand that this is one of three extremely importantissus, that i had on my wishlist for my archtectural company..      its one of the tiny little things that you use so often that even a smal increas of speed  makes a real differnenc in workflowspeed..


great to hear,   and three thumbs up.. 

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