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One thing I love about Affinity is when I hold down the shift key and copy, draw, etc I get a ghost line (sorry I don't know the proper name) that shows the trajectory of whatever I'm drawing or copying. I thought this is a very nice touch. My suggestion is to have the same kind of ghost line when using the Node Tool (maybe there is but I couldn't find it). I often draw shapes using the rectangle tool but I then have to convert it to curves and then adjust one side. If I hold down the shift key, it doesn't maintain the proper proportions (which I would think it would but it doesn't, I'm sure that there is a logical reason for this though). I have a hard time adjusting one corner or side of my shape and keeping its proportions because once you start dragging a node, all references to the original line are gone. Illustrator does this already and it works with the node tool but it isn't nearly as smooth nor as good looking as Affinity Designer's ghost line. Now only if Affinity Designer would show me the original path or line when adjusting nodes with the node tool then I would be able to adjust shapes with straight lines (at an angle) and keep the proper proportions. If this doesn't make sense, please refer to the attached sample for a better explanation. Thanks. My apologies if this has been requested before. I wasn't sure what term to use when I searched the forums for it and of course nothing came up. 


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Hi Hokusai,

This is similar how SketchUp extend geometry key points and lines/axis (references) to help place new points (in relation to them). It's very useful for technical drawing and more. I think Ben have already some ideas for this as an improvement to the Snapping system. If you take a look at the Snapping options in the Snapping Manager there's already entries there that point to Snap to construction lines and Project on axis, but they are still greyed out because they weren't implemented yet. You can expect some changes here for sure.

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