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I have two masks in my project. Each mask selects different parts of my image.

Now I want to combine them to a new mask (add operation).

Currently I only can do this by CTRL-selecting first mask and create a spare channel of it.

Then select the other mask, go to channels, right click the previously created spare channel and choose 'Add to pixel selection' and then click the 'Mask layer' icon.


These are many steps to just combine two masks.  :(


Why there is no way to just select multiple masks and by right click providing a feature to combine them as add/substract/exor?


Will this feature be added in the future?


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You are absolutely right..  


If you only deal with small projects and a few immage improvements..  the aktual workflow does work ..  


But when you work for example for architectural companies relying on renderings,  you need to deal with sometime dozenz ond dozens of seperated masks and immage areas you need to tackle all at once..


 copying them one after another to a sparechannel and later addig them to the aktual mask is..    sorry to say a real pain ..   especial when you know photoshops easy shortcuts in layers to add masks ore to substrackt them..


So please please dear serif people add this smal but on a professional level totaly nessesair shortcuts to your next feature update

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Tom , thanks for your answer.


We do in-house Archviz for a practice and we have just adopted AFP 1.6.5 (replacing PS CC in DEC 2018) the lack of being able to quickly combine and subtract marks is really making existing workflows so much slower, nevermind how slow AFP is.

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