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FREE Custom Smoke Brush


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Here is  the custom smoke brush I promised in my Custom Smoke Brush Video.

Free to use as you like. If you create one of your own I would like for you to post it to this thread and share with the rest of the community. Let fill the room with smoke ;)



Don't know how to make your own? Well watch my free Video Tutorial 





Thanks cheers and use responsibly :P 

Smoke brush 3 demo.afbrushes.zip

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I'm new to this software and will download this and give it a go. I think the software is great so far but would have liked to have seen a few brushes pre set and built in like skin smoothing, dodge an burn, sharpening just to make it a little user friendly as I am what you would call a noob when it comes to editing photos. If you do create any we will call them noob brushes and you don't mind sharing them am sure the noobs would be very appreciative.

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  • Staff

Hi EvanS813,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Double-click the file to install the brushes then go to Affinity Designer, change to the Pixel Persona (second icon on top left below the traffic lights), then go to the Brushes Panel on the right and click on the dropdown there. The new brushes should appear on the bottom of the list.


Alternatively drag the brushes file to the Brushes panel (this also works for Affinity Photo).

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I'm trying to use the smoke brushes, but I have difficulties putting them into action.

I just cannot figure out how to colourize them (once they are created), they stay black no matter what colour I choose. And I have no idea how to give them "fire" look for example.

Does some one maybe know a video (link) where these smoke brushes are explained how to exactly use them (incl. w layers, fill etc...). I've of course looked at YT but nothing cuts it.

Probably there is some obvious answer, I just cannot find it.

Many thanks


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Thanks for this--what a time saver and handy brush to use. I will be using it in a picture to emphasize steaming, hot food, in a language learning video and will give you an update/link when I upload it on YT. I will credit you for the smoke brush in the video and in the information area of the webpage, including the URL to this page, or another webpage of your choice. Thanks again...

In case you want to see what the videos are like before you give me your blessings, they're at: www.youtube.com/user/notnowigottago

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