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  1. Ok, many thanks for all the great input. I hope affinity is reading this post. Hopefully in the future they'll be able to integrate some smart solution to solve this challenge. Cheers, Chris
  2. Hi guys, thanks for the replies. Yes I am looking for a way to automate the synchronisation of the assets folders of both (or three incl. Publisher) apps without having to export/import. Especially every time I add an assets in one app, I need to start the whole export/import process all over again I have a MAC and just checked where the assets.propcol file is. So it's actually in three different folders, one for each application. So no common assets folder for all. A folder based approach is in my eyes the easiest way to solve the challenge Hope that could be an interesting feature for a future upgrade for an otherwise really great great product Many thanks Chris
  3. Hello every one, I use both Affinity Photo and Designer and have started importing and working a lot with assets, which is a great great tool. But I cannot find a way, how to automatically share the assets elements between the apps automatically. Is there any clever way, that allows Affinity to updat or synchronise the assets automatically between the apps? Or do I need to manually import them, each and every time I create a new asset in any of the apps. At the moment, f. eg I export the assets from Photo in order to reimport it into Designer and the other way round. Very time consuming and I'm sure there must be a better way, just cannot find it. Many thanks for some support and suggestions. Cheers, Chris
  4. Thanks so much, I feel kind of stupid! Obvious, isn't it!? Was looking for a more - absurd - technical solution. Thanks C
  5. Hello, I purchased the 108 brushes, which are an amazing product. But I am looking for a feature I cannot find. Nor has any friend graphic artist come up with a solution this far. Q: Is there any way to embed or a pattern/photo into the smoke brushes? I've tried t find a way, to fill the brush (inner glow) with something else than a colour from the colour palette, but apparently there is no way of doing so. I've tried different overlay alternatives, but no luck. Would appreciate your feed back and support. Thanks Smoere
  6. I'm trying to use the smoke brushes, but I have difficulties putting them into action. I just cannot figure out how to colourize them (once they are created), they stay black no matter what colour I choose. And I have no idea how to give them "fire" look for example. Does some one maybe know a video (link) where these smoke brushes are explained how to exactly use them (incl. w layers, fill etc...). I've of course looked at YT but nothing cuts it. Probably there is some obvious answer, I just cannot find it. Many thanks C
  7. Many thanks. The update was not showing yesterday. This morning I could do the update. Thanks for the support, c
  8. hi all, my UNDO is not working at all (Affinity Designer 1.8) and no history Neither short cut (MAC) nor in the menu bar. Tried to reset the app with CONTROL 6 Open, but no success. Any ideas? Any one? Thanks Chris
  9. Hello all, my app crashed fo an unknown reason and and since then I have not been able to re-open it any more. I have tried to uninstall it and reinstall again several times. I have tried to delete all related AP files. Without success. Each time I try to open the app, I need to force quit, otherwise it eats up all my ressources on my MAC Someone any idea what is wrong and how to solve the issue? Many thanks Chris System macOS Sierra Processor: 3,3 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
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