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OK. What gives? Will this, indeed, ever be part of an update or not. Any time soon? I've been tearing my hair out for months about this situation. I need to crop to dimensions, not ratios. And would like a method that is not rocket science or involved in 12 steps. I want so much to be really happy with this software and make glowing comments but I'm finding it difficult to use as a support tool for my graphic design work. Also, if I may make one more comment, I purchased the manual for Designer and I find it exceedingly unuseable and frustrating mostly because of the underdeveloped Index. I'm willing to assume that as an "old" graphic designer this all comes much easier to whippersnappers than to me. I don't mean to grouse loudly but, doggone it, I'm tired of struggling with this. I have the beta of publisher and my hopes are high but I finally had to subscribe to inDesign to be able to carry on with my work. It was a crushing blow for I have come to literally hate Adobe. I'm on your side but frustrated.

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1 hour ago, exurbanite7 said:

OK. What gives? Will this, indeed, ever be part of an update or not. Any time soon? I've been tearing my hair out for months about this situation. I need to crop to dimensions, not ratios.

It's been possible for ages. Select the Crop tool, select Absolute Dimensions as the crop mode, type in the width/height dimensions you want, and you get a crop tool grid that's that size you specified. Drag the crop grid (with cursor inside the lines) to compose your cropped image, and press Apply. (Note: In the screenshot below I specified 4in x 6in, but as the document units are px Photo converted those measurements to px for me. That does not affect the size of the crop.)



-- Walt

Desktop:  Windows 11 Home, version 21H2 (22000.613) 64GB memory, AMD Ryzen 9 5900 12-Core @ 3.00 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 
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        Affinity Photo 1.10.6 (.1665) and 2.0.4  and beta/ Affinity Designer 1.10.6 (.1665)  and 2.0.4  and beta / Affinity Publisher 1.10.6 (.1665)  and 2.0.4  and beta
iPad Pro M1, 12.9", iPadOS 16.3.1, Apple Pencil 2, Magic Keyboard

      Affinity Photo 1.10.7 and 2.0.4 and beta/ Affinity Designer 1.10.7 and 2.0.4 and beta/ Affinity Publisher 2.0.4 and beta

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I have to admit, this is still one of the biggest annoyances of AP for me. I'm very used to using Photoshop's crop tool where I can enter the pixel dimensions into the crop tool, it will then maintain the aspect ratio and pixel sizes then resize to the specified pixel sizes when you apply the crop.

The workaround that I use for this situation, is setting the Custom Ratio of the crop tool to the pixel size of the image.
For example, I know I want a 2480x3270px image (scaling down from a 10000px+ TIFF file), rather than using Absolute Dimensions I use custom ratio set to 2480:3720.

This will lock the aspect ratio, allowing you to scale and reposition the crop tool as needed.

Apply the crop when happy and set the width/height to the document when exporting the image.

It's certainly not ideal, but it looks like the resampling still hasn't been included.

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Tossing my hat in the ring.  I don't save the image to the new dimensions.  I am frequently cropping a screenshot and pasting that crop into another program.  For my specific workflow, this is what I do:

  1. Select Crop tool.
  2. Choose 'Custom Ratio' for the mode
  3. Press TAB to enter in the specific x dimension of the desired size
  4. Press TAB to enter in the specific y dimension of the desired size
  5. Drag the Crop handles to get the specific part of the image I want
  6. Press Apply to the Crop tool
  7. Select All (CTRL-A)
  8. Copy Flattened (CTRL-SHIFT-C)
  9. Paste into new document

That works for me.

I crop infrequently enough that I often forget the specific workflow, and I find myself fighting the ingrained knowledge of 20 years of Photoshop.  I get that it's a user problem (PEBKAC for us old timers).  I wish it was easier or more intuitive from my perspective.  I also agree that my knowledge is practically institutionalized at this point.  Affinity Photo does so many awesome things, but I frequently stub my toe on this feature.  :)

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