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Text frame auto height and width

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This might have been added to the 1.5 beta, but I haven't been using it, so please excuse me if it exists.


Anyway, I think it would be nice to have the option to set auto height and width for text frames. As of now, you have to manually resize the height or width if the content doesn't fill the entire text frame. This is bad because it's guess work and throws off vertical grid alignment. Having the ability to set auto height and width would ensure the text frame is the exact size of the content.


I believe Adobe handles this by allowing you to double click on the text frame boundary, which causes the frame to resize to fit the content. Another option could be a checkbox in the "context toolbar" to enable auto size.



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Would you clarify what you are trying to achieve? A text frame is a text frame and it does not have to be of any certain size. Vertical grid alignment is dependent only of the upper position of the frame. Lower part can be anywhere and it does not matter if there is empty space.

Unless you mean it should resize to margins? That is layout app feature (Publisher), autopagination should place frames inside the margin defined area. Or do you mean that AD should fix overset text?

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@Fixx I added an example image. The text frame on the left is taller than the text height, leaving a large space below. This can be corrected by dragging the bottom of the frame upward until it's close to the base of the text, however this is not practical and requires guessing. Ideally, there should be an option to force the text frame to automatically match the height of the content and text inside it.


As mentioned above, Adobe handles this by double-clicking the frame boundary, which resizes the text frame, causing it to only be as tall as the content.



Example: https://drp.io/i/EJq8GTfj-

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Please click on 'More Reply Options' and attach the image directly to your post. Uploads to drp.io are destroyed every Sunday, so visitors to this thread won't be able to see your example after tomorrow.

Alfred online2long.gif
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So, what if I need to have exactly 1 inch below a text box? This is difficult to get exactly right, because you have to guess where to resize the bottom frame to. If the text frame had auto height, then there is no guesswork and the measurement would be precise.


Another approach could allow the text frame height to exceed the content inside -- as it does now -- but NOT allow it to be shorter than the content. So if you manually resize the text frame, it will stop at the last line of text. Currently, you can resize the frame shorter than the content, causing text to "overflow" outside the frame, but this would prevent that. And, it would allow for accurate measuring beneath the frame.

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I just arrived so not sure if the below is new since the OP.


Using the Artistic Text Tool the text box is always tight around the text and you can use ENTER for multiple lines.


Using the Text Frame Tool you can double click the bottom middle and right middle control dots. Make sure you resize the textbook to be bigger than the text, then double clicking will snap it back tight around the text. If you want wrapped text, you first have to manually break the lines using ENTER, then the right middle control dot will double click to the longest of your lines. Again, make sure you first resize the textbook larger than the text, or it might resize down to the next longest line, causing some more wrapping on the longest line(s).

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