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Hi DevilTom,


This is something that has been requested a few times in the past but will more than likely be a feature of Affinity Publisher than Designer. It is possible if you use an SVG and edit the code of the file you can find out how to do this here.




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may I ask you to add Hyperlinks.
Because it's important for invitations, route descriptions, product datasheets, etc on every pdf that was prepared by Designer.
Even this forum allows to insert links, https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/windows/



If you type the full URL as you have done, the users' PDF Viewer can convert it to an active link if they set the viewer preferences to do that. 




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HI, everyone. I share this request ! I'm with the Mac version .

For now I've already found a strategy : copy the url on web ( I do it with safari), past it with "text tool" on the document .

when you finish, Export it on .pdf.  And voilà ! It's working with text, but not with picture or stuff like that. ...

I hope that will help ! 

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