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  1. DevilTom

    Affinity takes forever to start

    Hello again, after I started with CTRL and deleted everything, the app is starting faster. I'll have an eye on it and wait for an update.
  2. DevilTom

    Affinity takes forever to start

    Hello, same here. The icon is bouncing for rminutes in the dock. Then I have to force quit the app. And try it again ... My Mac OS and the app version are all up-to-date. Thank you for a workaround.
  3. Hello, I'm using the Mac and Win version of Affinity Designer. I created a roll-up banner, 101 x 209 cm, with a high-res picture and text, the size is 79MB. Unfortunately I'm not able to export to a pdf for our printing shop. On the Mac and Win PC. After a short scroll bar information I got the message "Failure to export to ...". Thank you for your feedback with a workaround. Regards, Tom.
  4. DevilTom

    Export to pdf not possible

    Hello again, I like Affinity Designer. I am able to create mockups very fast with a very good quality. But, to hand off to a print shop the app is not suitable. - I am in trouble to export to a pdf - The feedback is that the quality do not match the requirements For business needs I have to go back to an agency. With all the negative aspects (cost intensive, time consuming, a lots of discussions about details, etc.) I am really happy to have Affinity Designer :) . Especially for the offered price :rolleyes: .
  5. Hello, may I ask you to add Hyperlinks. Because it's important for invitations, route descriptions, product datasheets, etc on every pdf that was prepared by Designer. Even this forum allows to insert links, https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/windows/ Regards.