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  1. If I create a new document, Export, SVG, and click in the DPI text box, it crashes. Sometimes if crashes right on SVG. DPI is set to 300 on new document. It also crashes if I try to change the DPI when creating the new document. I want to change it back to 72 which I think was the default, but when I click or tab into the DPI on either 1. Creating new document popup 2. Through "document setup" on an existing document 3. SVG export menu
  2. This happens to me as well. The fix mentioned initially works, but the next time I try to export, the app crashes.
  3. I have this same issue as well. I've used Affinity Photo on my Mac and have lots of files saved on the iCloud Drive folder for the app. I can import a file from there on my iPad, but I cannot save to that folder, it's grated out. Also, I have a few related questions: 1. Is there a way to just save to Affinity Photo iCloud Drive folder by default, instead of locally? 2. If I import a file from iCloud Drive, it then becomes local? And then I would need to save a copy again, explicitly to iCloud Drive, to have it sync with iCloud?
  4. Where can I find the new measurement tool in version 1.5?
  5. Using tab stops in Designer is pretty frustrating. I am trying to have tab stops out to 8 in, but right aligned. Half of the time when I press the right align button in the tab stop section of Paragraph pane, it does nothing. How can I get it to consistently work?
  6. I would like to be able to change the fill all layers inside a layer group at the same time. Is that possible?
  7. Will Affinity Photo for iPad also be supported on the smaller iPad Pro?
  8. I've had Designer for a while now and just got Photo on the sale. I've had a built-in Affinity Designer folder in iCloud Drive, but when I try to save something from Affinity Photo in iCloud Drive, it saves it in the Designer folder. Why is there no Photo folder?
  9. Thank you both. MEB, I made them a single object using the add icon but I still see the line. Any other ideas? One of the screenshots I've added in this post is zoomed to 158.3%. I guess as long as it's not "actually" there it doesn't really matter. Edit again: I don't see it when I export.
  10. I am trying to create the icon of a person in Affinity Designer. I made one half of the person with the Pen tool, and then I try to make the other half by duplicating the path, transform by flip horizontal and then move it into place. It looks ok, but when I zoom in, there is a gap that is smaller than a pixel. How can I fix this? Nothing I do gets rid of that gap.
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